Welcome to Year 6

Class teacher: Miss Scawthorn

Teaching assistant: Mrs Stead (Friday afternoon PPA)


Please check the class webpage frequently to see what your child has been learning about.


Year 6 Long Term Plan

Meet our school councillors 

Ruby and Isaac have been voted in as our school councillors. They meet regularly with Mrs Sunderland and the other councillors to discuss suggestions provided by children in the class to make our school a better place. Below are photos of our ‘Ask-it basket’ and school council suggestion box.

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Summer 1

Year 6 have had a very busy first two weeks back! In maths, they have been using their arithmetic skills to mark an arithmetic paper taken by myself (with lots of errors!!!) and loved correcting my errors and marking the test. They have also been recapping their knowledge of equivalent fractions by playing a board game.  IN DT, the children have completed their steady hand game designs. In French, the children have been learning to say a sentence with opinions about their favourite subjects.

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Year 6 have completed their SATS !!!

We are so proud of the children and the resilience they have shown this week; their behaviour has been exceptional and they have been incredibly motivated to try their best throughout the week. 

In art, the children have been exploring the history of chairs before using their sketch books to create different designs using different lines, textures, colours and patterns. They have finally created their design using lots of different materials and are very proud of themselves!

Spring 2


Writing- editing partners

At the end of our writing sessions, the children move to sit with their editing partner and they each read each other’s work aloud whilst giving their partner tips on how to uplevel their work further. This may range from punctuation, sentence types or spellings.

PE- Circuits

Year 6 have been taking part in lots of different circuits which tested lots of different parts of the body and different sporting principles. They enjoyed working with a partner to see if they could beat their first score on each circuit card. 

Computing- Python final lesson

Year 6 have been learning how to use Python- a programme which lines of code instruct a turtle to create different shapes and images. For the final lesson, they had to write down what each line of code meant so that someone who knew nothing about the programme would understand. They did a great job!

Science Week - Time theme

This Week the children have designed, made predictions, conclusions and created different types of graphs when they tested the question: Which biscuit will disintegrate the fosters and in which water temperature? Here are the children in action and some amazing work which was produced.

World book day


In our new topic, we are learning all about electricity. We began our topic by researching and discussing how electricity has made our lives easier over time! 

In our new unit, ‘Intro to Python’, we have been learning about simple programming instructions which are fd, bk, lt, rt, cs. We have been using these to code a turtle to create different shapes. We loved exploring and problem solving until we made the shapes!


This half term our PE topics are Netball and Fitness. We have learnt about the different passes in netball and when we should be using those passes in a game in order to be more successful.

Spring 1

We’ve been very busy in our final two weeks of spring 1. Here are just a few of the amazing activities we have been getting up to. (Printing in Art, learning the Solfa scale in music, going to Woodkirk and taking part in the music concert, learning about the 1960s and many more!)


Our sports this half term are gymnastics and football. Year 6 have loved working on their gymnastic routines every week and have worked on improving balances, coordination and team performance. 


This week, the children have been learning how to say I go to … 

Je vais…

 Year 6 have started learning about WWII. The key question they will be considering is : Was Hitler a good leader? 

They have plotted the key dates during the war and now know how it began, why it began and which countries were effected. 

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We have been learning about masculine and feminine nouns for common places where we would go.

Autumn 2

Christmas in Year 6!

We have had an amazing few weeks in the lead up to Christmas and have been continuing to learn new and exciting knowledge from our curriculum. This week, Year 6 have taken part in many Christmas activities. Here are some images!

RE- The Gospel Accounts


Year 6 have been thinking about the reactions each person from the Story of the birth of Jesus would of had. 

D.T - CAD modelling


 We have begun looking at writing instructions in English and have started by looking at a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) and identifying key features.


Year 6 have been learning about different types of microorganisms and if they are helpful or harmful for us as humans. They learnt there are 5 types: virus, algae, Protozoa, bacteria and fungi.


 The children have been learning how to crack different types of codes. The first code we looked at was a Caesar Cipher. 


Year 6 are loving taking part in French lessons with Madame Bex. They have learnt lots of new songs, can give directions using compass points and have been introduced to Madame Bex’s helper!

Times tables challenges!

Year 6 are working hard to master their times tables. We have been having a competition in class using hit the button, TTRS and timestables.co.uk

PSHCE Virtual assembly

Year 6 joined in on a virtual assembly about British Values and the protected characteristics. They gave some really thoughtful opinions during the session and we even got a shout out during the assembly!

Leeds United Foundation Workshop

Autumn 2 has begun with a workshop delivered by Hannah from Leeds United which explored being a good citizen, what anti-social behaviour is and how we can make our community a great place. The children watched videos and gave fantastic opinions about consequences of anti social behaviour, crime and what they should do in specific situations.

P.E. Dance

Year 6 have been using dance movements with their bodies to create a short performance based around 4 different stamp, clap phrases.

Please see some of the amazing routines below.

Autumn 1

Year 6 have had an amazing two weeks settling into our class routines and are already blowing me away with the work they are producing! 

In DT, the children have been designing a playground and thinking about what equipment would make it fun and enjoyable for all children.

In RE, Year 6 have been discussing the importance of values to themselves and also the lives of Sikh's.

In PE, the children have loved trying Golf and learning how to safely carry out different skills in the lesson.

In Science, the children had to design an animal that had adapted to suit its' environment. They used their presentation skills to wow their peers by discussing what their animal was and how it had adapted to make it suitable for its' environment.

Design Technology - playground planning phase

Year 6 are designing a playground that have 6 different apparatus in. They have to think about it being inclusive to all children and obviously it has to be fun! They are currently in their design phase. 

Science - Plant and animal adaptations research

Music - Advanced rhythms

Design technology - planning and making phase

Year 6 are now well into their ‘making phase’ and are showing how creative they are in designing their own playground apparatus. They have begun building their apparatus and will finish the landscaping next week!

Design Technology - prototypes complete!

Around the World Day - Brazil

Today year 6 have been:

  • Geographers (locating Brazil on a map)
  • Writers (creating Amazon animal fact files)
  • Musicians (created and performed Samba rhythms)
  • Dancers (danced to Samba music!!!)
  • Artists / designers (created carnival masks)


Below are some examples of our non chronological reports about the Galápagos Islands.


2D drawing to 3 D making. Here are our finished products that we designed ready to be on a shelf in a shop!