Welcome to Year 5

Class teacher: Miss Parkinson

Teaching assistants: Mrs Stead (mornings); Miss Colquhoun (PPA cover Thursday pm)

Year 5 enjoyed taking part in a Picture News webinar all about British Values and Protected Characteristics for Children in KS2.

Around the World Day 2023

Year 5 really enjoyed their day learning all about Spain. They started by locating the regions and finding out some key facts about Spain. This included landmarks, local cuisine and festivals. This was followed by learning the numbers 1-10 in Spanish which was great fun. Next, the class learnt some flamenco dance moves!

In the afternoon, they explored the artist Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect, and created their own artwork based on his famous 'trencadis' technique, a kind of mosaic made from broken pieces of tiles.

Please take a look at some photographs and videos from the day.

In Art, the children have been learning all about typography, which is when designers work with fonts and layout. They created their own letters in a playful way to discover arrangements they liked, using lots of random shapes.

In Science, Year 5 learned about the phases of the Moon. They posed questions such as, 'Does the Moon always appear as a circle in the sky?' and 'Why does the Moon appear to change shape?' They enjoyed creating the Moon phases using Oreo cookies.

School Council

Our Year 5 School Councillors this year are Miah and Violet. They will be meeting regularly with Mrs Sunderland and helping to make important decisions to help improve our school. They will also be a point of contact for other members of the class to voice their opinions, taking and acting on pupil feedback.