Community Cohesion

Statement of Intent

At Hill Top Primary, our intent for our children is that they are active members of the local community. We strive to encourage our children to take part in decision making and to give them opportunities to make a positive impact within the local community. We believe nurturing this responsibility will lead them to become active citizens within the global community. We aim to embrace the expertise that visitors bring to the school, which adds to the children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world.



At Hill Top Primary we enjoy being involved in our local community. We do this by regularly visiting the local amenities, including the places of worship. We also visit and entertain local residential homes to sing and spend time with the different generations.

Parents are regularly encouraged to join us within school to share topic work as well as musical and drama performances. We have strong links with parents and local community members who join us for trips and activities, for example participating in our Forest School and volunteer reading.

We encourage our School Council to investigate ways that the school can participate further within the community, as we consider this an ongoing partnership.