Governor Profiles


Kieran Baker (Chair of Governing Body)

I was appointed Chair of the Governing Body in July 2020 and officially started the role in September 2020. Prior to this, I served as Deputy Chair for one year and co-opted Governor from 2018. I joined the school to help improve the learning environment for our children. I understand the importance of a good education, having been lucky enough myself to have experienced excellent teaching and learning throughout school and university. A good education provided me with the platform to develop my skills and knowledge and work towards my chosen career. I now work in Information Technology in the NHS, contributing to the NHS’s response to the COVID19 pandemic. Due to my interests and career, I’m a passionate supporter of the digital classroom, which includes everything from ensuring pupils have access to technology that improves learning outcomes, to the utilisation of data to better understand school development, performance, and pupil outcomes.

Emma Jackson

I am a parent of two daughters, now at high school but both former pupils of Hill Top. I have been involved with the school for over 10 years; firstly as part of FOHT and for the past few years as a school governor. It has been and continues to be a privilege to be part of the school; to see the children flourish and grow and the dedication of the teachers to ensure that every one of the children reaches their full potential.

Karen Renshaw

As a Governor at Hill Top Primary Academy School, I use the skills I acquired as a Nursery Nurse, allowing me to deliver the best foundations for children’s education. I am up to date with all safeguarding policies and undertake regular training as a Governor, which is enhanced by my role on Leeds City Council’s Children’s Services Scrutiny Board. The children’s progress and education are paramount when decisions are made, and this school is inclusive, giving opportunities to all.

Sharon Wilkinson

I have been a Governor at Hill Top Primary Academy for 4 years now. I am the Vicar of the local church St Mary’s and it is lovely to be involved with the Staff and Children at this school. I am the Governor responsible for Safeguarding.

James Kirkpatrick

I am a Parent Governor, as well as before being a Science teacher at a local Secondary School since 2006, and I have a strong belief that all children should receive a 1st class education, no matter their background. I will try my utmost to ensure that every child at Hill Top has access to achieving their potential.

Frances Woolaston

It is with sadness that I have to inform you that one of our long-standing Governors, Frances Woolaston has died. She had been a Governor for a considerable number of years and was involved when Hill Top was at the old site. Whilst you may have not known her, she has supported the school, the staff and the children whole-heartedly and before she died, she kindly donated £2,000. She asked for the money to spent on benches in the playground for children. These have arrived in school and Dave spent time building them together. Children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are already making good use of them. Frances will be sorely missed.

Mark Howard

I am a parent Governor at Hill Top and a local business owner. I have come to believe strongly in the need for nurture, development and training of individuals in the workplace, a philosophy that applies even more fittingly in the education sphere. I have found that people learn in different ways and at varying speeds, and that the most unlikely individuals can achieve great things given the right environment and motivation. I am a strong believer in the value and importance of a well balanced education. I welcome the opportunity to help the school in any capacity I can.