Statement of Intent

At Hill Top, we believe that ALL pupils can achieve in mathematics. We aim to provide pupils with the enjoyment of the subject whilst developing a sense of curiosity that will help them to be able to use their knowledge of mathematical concepts in creative and new ways. Teachers are passionate about the subject and pass on their enthusiasm to the children who will foster a love for maths and develop a Growth Mindset towards the subject. We achieve this by providing a maths curriculum which caters for the needs of all individuals and provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become successful, confident individuals. Our intent is that ALL children become secure in the three areas of the curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving). We teach for a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and use mistakes and misconceptions as an important part of the learning process.



EYFS: In our Early Years Unit Maths is embedded in our daily practice. All areas of provision are set up with Mathematical opportunities and all our routines promote Maths. Songs, stories, games and rhymes are at the heart of EYFS at Hill Top Primary Academy as the content helps them to understand number systems. 


In Nursery, children begin to learn the basics about number, counting and shape. Small group carpet sessions happen throughout the week and learning is then supplemented with the numerous opportunities set up in provision. 


In Reception, we follow the White Rose Maths small steps. Whole class carpet sessions are taught daily and the children then consolidate the learning in provision time: either independently, in a group or adult lead.


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:  Mathematics lessons follow the White Rose Maths Hub small steps, which includes a long and medium term planning structure. This ensures there is a clear sequence of objectives taught and that there is a progressive approach throughout each year group. Children are taught to become: Visualisers (using a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach), Describers (focusing on mathematical language and questioning) and experimenters - we want pupils to love and learn more about Maths.


Our lessons begin by the children exploring the title of the lesson and what they already know about a concept. Then the children will complete 3-5 flashback questions (verbally or written) before they start the new learning. Green pens are used throughout the lesson to show editing.


From Year 2 onwards, the children take part in weekly TTRS competitions which are then celebrated in assembly.


From Year 1 onwards, pupils' receive weekly maths homework to consolidate their understanding of learning that week.


Maths interventions are in place for specific children that teachers have identified as needing more support. These interventions are specific and carried out by the class teacher or teaching assistant (Toe by Toe / WRM Fluency Bee).



Children will:

  • Have a growth mindset and a positive view of maths and themselves as mathematicians
  • Use mathematical language in explanations and conversations
  • Be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics
  • Leave the end of KS2 being secure in the three aims of the curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving)
  • Develop resilience and problem solving skills which they apply to all areas
  • Understand the importance of maths and how it is used in everyday lives


Long Term Plans

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White Rose Maths Progress Mapping

Progression strand - Place Value

Calculation Policies:

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Nursery Long Term Plan