Hill Top Primary Academy is a one form entry school where everyone is valued and cared for as an individual, their views, heritage, religion, race and gender choice respected and where children are at the centre of all we do. We allow the uniqueness in each individual to flourish through a happy, safe and stimulating environment where everyone can meet their personal goals and full potential.

Through a positive community ethos we listen, engage and
nurture a can-do attitude in order to prepare all learners for their future lives, enabling enjoyable learning within the context of a rapidly changing technological society.

We aim:

  • To create a happy, healthy school in which everyone feels valued.
  • To provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment in which to educate each child intellectually, socially, emotionally, morally and physically, so that he/she can reach their full potential, moving on to the next stage of their education with confidence and high self-esteem, and being prepared for their adult role in society.
  • To ensure that all teaching is of a high standard, enabling children to make excellent progress in all subjects.
  • To provide an inclusive curriculum, which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to each child’s needs.
    To provide equality of opportunity for all children, regardless of age, gender, race, faith, culture, physical disability or special educational need.
  • To have expectations of high standards of both achievement and behaviour.
    To encourage children to be self-motivated and develop a positive attitude towards learning so that they can respond to challenges, develop lively, enquiring minds and apply themselves to tasks with self-discipline and an increasing sense of responsibility for their own actions.
  • To foster an ethos in which children co-operate with each other, develop an understanding of right and wrong, and feel and show respect and tolerance towards others.
  • To foster in children a sense of responsibility and caring for the school environment and to become aware of the global community and of how wider environmental issues may involve them.
  • To involve parents in their children’s education and encourage strong links between home and school.



The 5C rap

Values - The 5 Cs

At Hill Top Primary, we are passionate about education and

aim to inspire both academic success and the whole child.

All of our staff work hard to help our pupils grow into successful learners with high aspirations for their futures.

By teaching our children to follow our core values,

we ensure happiness, success, and a bright future

for all of our pupils.


Our core values are as follows



    We show care to ourselves, each other

    and in all that we do.

  We see care as involving:

  - Respect to all (e.g. for the community, environment, diversity)

  - Kindness

  - Celebration of others


    We believe in ourselves and work 

    towards our own goals.   

  We see confidence as involving:

  - Independence (trusting yourself, giving things a go)

  - Individuality (being ourselves, celebrating uniqueness)

  - Courage


    We use an imaginative and resourceful

    approach to our lives.

  We see creativity as involving:

  - Innovation

  - Resourcefulness

  - Imagination

  - Problem-solving


    We always work our hardest and aim to      achieve.   

  We see challenge as involving:

  - Excellence (achieving the very best that one can)

  - Hard work (putting time and effort into one’s work)

  - Personalised (achievement measured by a pupil’s individual  



    We value strength of character and try   

    to be the best we can. 

  We see character as involving:

  - Perseverance

  - Resilience

  - Responsibility

  - Honesty (being trustworthy, showing integrity)

  - Patience