The Hill Top Way

We are sensible

We keep safe

We try our best

We consider others

We understand differences

We are Hill Top Primary Academy



Our School Mission Statement


At Hill Top Primary Academy everybody is important. We are part of an ever-growing family who care for each other, our local community and the wider world.

We all want to be the best that we can be so that we can reach our full potential. We support each other by listening and sharing ideas and looking after each other.

When we leave Hill Top we know we will be ready to face the challenges in front of us.

We all shine together.


Our Values

  • ENQUIRY – We want to find out more. (Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity)  
  • RESILIENCE – We never give up. (Seek to extend themselves in mind, body and spirit)  
  • ADAPTABILITY – We are open to change. (Be flexible and adaptable for the modern world)  
  • RESPECT – We care for everybody and everything. (Have high self-esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment)  
  • CO-OPERATION – To work to support each other. (Be able to work independently and collaboratively)  
  • MORALITY – We make good choices. (We endeavour to always do the right thing)  
  • COMMUNICATION – We listen and share ideas. (We engage with modern technology as well as conversing on a personal level.  
  • THOUGHTFULNESS – We are kind and look after each other. (We always consider the feelings of others)