Phonics and Early Reading

Being able to read is the most important skill children learn during their early schooling and has far-reaching implications for lifelong learning, conīŦdence and well-being.

High quality phonic teaching is the prime means by which we teach children how to read and spell words.

At Hill Top, we follow the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics programme. 

Please see the parent presentation below for further details alongside videos demonstrating how to pronounce the different sounds (phonemes)



We teach Phonics every day. If your child misses school for any reason, it is essential that they are supported to learn any missed phonemes and associated graphemes. The Term-by-Term Progression document below will enable you to know which sounds your child is learning each week alongside the Harder to Read and Spell Words.

We teach the children mnemonics to help them learn the graphemes for each sound. The document below shows the Phase 2 graphemes alongside their related mnemonics. It is really helpful to say these as children are forming the letters.