Statement of Intent

At Hill Top we see computing as an integral part of learning and life. We want all our children to have the knowledge to develop lifelong skills in computing. We intend to provide all children, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class, aptitude or disability, with a broad and balanced computing curriculum. At Hill Top we want all our children to become competent users of computing technology and have the confidence to embrace the ever-changing technology, of the modern world. We want to instil good computing habits and ‘netiquette’, as well as empower our children to stay safe in the virtual world.



Computing knowledge and skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.
At Hill Top, you will not see computing limited to a weekly lesson. Teachers use computer technology in all lessons, for example through the interactive whiteboards and iPads. In each year group the children will have experiences of all three strands of the computing curriculum: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. The subject knowledge imparted becomes increasingly specific and in depth, with more complex skills being taught, thus ensuring that learning is built upon. For example, children in Key Stage 1 learn what algorithms are, which leads them to the design stage of programming in Key Stage 2, where they design, write and debug programs, explaining the thinking behind their algorithms.

At Hill Top, Computing extends into other areas of the curriculum with children using computer technology in many English, Maths and IPC (international Primary Curriculum) topics. Employing cross-curricular links motivates pupils and supports them to make connections and remember the steps they have been taught. Our computing curriculum, while rooted in a topic based approach, gives all children exposure to and experiences in the exciting world of computer programming. This ensures children can develop depth within their knowledge. The curriculum at Hill Top aims to prepare children for the demands of the technological world of the future. We use ICT in innovative ways to enhance children’s learning and through this provide opportunities to spark their curiosity. Through effective use of ICT, we want to give our children opportunities to develop an understanding of the global village and the part that they can play in this. Use of iPads, ensure that all year groups have the opportunity to use a range of programmes, for many purposes across the wider curriculum.

With the excitement and opportunities that our computing curriculum brings, this affords some responsibilities. We want to ensure that we safeguard our children and are always mindful of the implications of developing new technologies within our school. At Hill Top we encourage staff, children and parents to support safe use of all children’s online activities, at school and home, to guarantee that our children are taught to understand how to stay safe on line and know what to do if they do not.