Our Staff

Principal: Mrs. Karen Hyams
Deputy Principal/SENCo/DSL: Mrs. Joanne Lancaster

Teaching Staff:
Nursery: Mrs. Janet Blakeley
Reception: Miss. Sarah Kerry

Year 1: Mrs. Ailsa Sunderland
Year 2: Miss. Laura Monaghan and Mrs Secker

Year 3: Miss. Abi Scawthorn 
Year 4: Mrs. Ruth Naylor and Mrs Rebecca Noble

Year 5: Miss. Stacey Parkinson
Year 6: Mrs. Sharon O'Donovan

PPA cover: Mrs. Lindsey Towler
PE: Mr. James Wynne
Mrs. Anna Lees (Speech and Language Therapist)


Support Staff:

Ms. Tracy Nicholls (Learning Support Assistant/Midday Supervisory Assistant)
Ms. Joanne Colquhoun (Learning Support Assistant/HLTA/Midday Senior Supervisor)
Ms. Louise Nicoll (Learning Support Assistant)
Ms. Jennie O'Leary (Learning Support Assistant/HLTA)
Mr. Paul Fellender (Learning Support Assistant/HLTA)
Mrs. Fazia Bulbubia (Learning Support Assistant)
Miss. Stacey Mattinson (Learning Support Assistant)
Miss. Lauren Richardson (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs Sarah Jones (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Katie-Jo Cooper (Learning Support Assistant)

Non-Teaching Staff :

Mrs. Louise Wood (Office Manager)
Mrs Lindsay Richmond (Administrative Assistant)


Mitie Staff:
Mr. David Cromack (School Caretaker)
Mrs. Lisa Slaven (Kitchen Supervisor)
Ms. Lindsey Hicks (Catering Staff)
Ms. Tracey Abbott (Catering Staff)
Ms. Tiffani Ashton (Cleaning Superintendent)
Mrs. Lynne Hopkinson (Midday Supervisory Assistant)
Mrs. Jenny Willert (Midday Supervisory Assistant)
Mrs. Roisin Rushfirth (Midday Supervisory Assistant)