Religious Education

Statement of Intent

It is our intent at Hill Top that all children will know and understand that there are different faiths, religions and cultures in the world that lead to people having different lifestyles and beliefs from each other. We want the children and the wider community to know the differences between them and acknowledge these differences and respect them.
We take very seriously that children are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. We do not try to persuade but to inform children with the knowledge and develop the skills with which evaluation can take place.
We intend that the children of Hill Top will know that in the multicultural society of the United Kingdom we must all uphold British Values and Law and know how our own faiths and beliefs are determined and governed by this.



Religious Education at Hill Top will be taught for between 30 minutes and an hour per week dependent on the age of the children. It will be taught through an enquiry-based approach where children will not only learn knowledge but crucially develop an understanding of the world of religion and how beliefs impact on daily life. We believe that RE makes a strong contribution to the education of each child by encouraging them to develop skills of critical thinking and analysis, as well as developing attitudes like empathy, sensitivity and understanding whilst being able to stand up for their own beliefs and challenge injustice around them.
At Hill Top we use the scheme Discovery RE that adopts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. The scheme is enhanced by children visiting many different places of worship e.g. The Grand Mosque, a Synagogue, Methodist Chapel, Church of England, Sikh Temple and by welcoming speakers from different faiths into school e.g. Roop Singh, Rev’d Sharon Wilkinson etc.
Furthermore, assemblies in school also cover some of the major events within the religious calendar.