Statement of Intent

At Hill Top Primary Academy, we believe that our PE curriculum should be inclusive and accessible to all, with children developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of sports. We thrive to create a learning environment where children succeed and excel in a range of physical activities and competitive sports. All pupils will have access to a varied curriculum to support this, with before and after school activities including: dance, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, football, swimming and outdoor adventure activities. We want our pupils to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Through our teaching of PE, our children will have opportunities to compete in fun sporting activities which will build character and help to embed transferable life values such as fairness, sportsmanship, co-operation and respect.


PE is taught as whole class lessons for children to access the age-related skills and sporting knowledge contained within the National Curriculum. Lessons are taught twice a week, covering two different sports/skills per term. Activities within lessons are tailored to match children’s level of development, in order to enable them to achieve age-related expectations.

Every year group will use, and adapt, PE Passport planning and resources to ensure lessons across all years shows progression. Our detailed lesson plans ensure that all teachers are equipped with the secure subject knowledge required to deliver modern, high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for all areas of the PE National Curriculum. Classes follow the PE Passport overview to ensure pupils participate in variety of team and individual sports. All lessons follow a structure whereby prior knowledge is always considered and opportunities for practise are incorporated into lessons. Although the structure can be altered, this allows for children to embed the skills learnt within the sport and broader their depth of sporting knowledge. At the end of lessons, there are always opportunities for children to reflect upon the knowledge and skills they have learnt, whilst demonstrating it within small activities.

Throughout the year, children will secure and build on a range of skills. They will demonstrate their knowledge of these skills by applying them to various activities. All activities are tailored to focus on certain skills within a particular sport they are learning about. All lessons build upon children’s knowledge of basic rules that are required to compete within the sport they are being taught. Children will participate in group activities which encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. Any children who show outstanding performances with a particular skill will be used to demonstrate their ability to the rest of the class to build confidence and understanding. Lessons are assessed by using the PE Passport app and this will be completed by the teacher at the end of each term. Depending on the child’s understanding and demonstration of skills within that sport, they will be graded either bronze, silver or gold. Children are given the opportunity to self asses their own performances through the PE Passport app using the Self-evaluation tool at the end of each term.
Children are provided opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities that are inclusive, enjoyable and increase children’s physical activity. In Year 4 children attend swimming lessons once a week and are assessed using Swim England School Swimming Framework Awards. These are completed by swimming instructors at the end of a term, showing children’s ability and range of strokes. At lunchtimes, sporting activities are provided daily to fit with the schedule of competitive events. During the year, children will have multiple opportunities to compete in competitive sports as an individual or as a team.