Welcome to Reception!

Reception teacher: Mrs. Cundall

Staff working in Reception: Miss Jones and Mrs. Spencer



Our P.E. day this term is Wednesday.

Library books will be changed every Friday.

Phonics support: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/essential-letters-and-sounds/?fbclid=IwAR0XQsezraqQYfjxLeeM3lQ90MeQBGc1Z2_DIBDbYaw9WRXTvLELYHusggs 


Autumn 1: Amazing Me! 

What makes me me?

Being a good friend

Starting school

We have enjoyed learning about growth mindset and resilience this week and have read two gorgeous books called, ‘The Dot’ Andy ‘Beautiful Oops’. We created our own pictures by closing our eyes are drawing wiggly lines, turning them into something beautiful from something that wasn’t on purpose. We spent the week learning the importance of the word ‘yet’ and how adding this magic word to something we think we cannot do can help us to improve. We each drew and labelled something we are not good at yet, and thought about what we can do to get better. We finally created a ‘dot’ art gallery using all different types of dotty art. We invited teachers to come and view our wonderful work. What a busy week!

This week we are reading a really lovely story about families. We have discussed how our families are different to each others and how families can live in different houses and even different countries! We have shared how our families make us feel and the things we like to do together. Our family photos are on display in the cloakroom and we are enjoying looking at each others' and noticing things about each other that is the same and different to ourselves. We are making family trees this week and have spent lots of time using our Phonics 'm' and 'd' to help us write 'mum' and 'dad'. We have also made lollipop homes for our families and drawn who lives with us in our family. 

Super Duper You! We have talked about what makes each of us super and how we are all good at different things and find different things easy and difficult. We were invited to bring in something from home that we are super at to share with our friends in class. We each took turns to stand at the front of the class and tell everyone what we are good at. We learnt lots about one another and had some very good questions to ask. It was so super to see how much amazing talent we have in Reception!

It’s now our second full week in school and we are all settling into our new routines well. We have enjoyed reading the stories, ‘The Colour Monster goes to school,’ and ‘The Colour Monster’ amongst lots of other favourites.

We are learning how to identify our own emotions and what to do when we feel angry or sad, and how to help others, and ourselves, to feel happy. We have looked at facial expressions of each emotion and drawn pictures of what makes us feel different emotions. We have also being busy making beautiful artwork for the walls of our classroom by creating our very own colour monsters! They are for lots of different emotions including: love, frustration, happiness, sadness and hunger!

Story time book voting

Every day we move our brick to the tens frame to vote for the book we read at story time. 

Autumn 2: Medium Term Plans

Autumn 1 Overview 

Reception Long Term Plan