At Hill Top, we follow the PenPals handwriting scheme.


Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme that offers clear progression through five developmental stages: physical preparation for handwriting; securing correct letter formation; beginning to join along, securing the joins and practicing speed, fluency and developing a personal style.

Penpals is focused on whole-class teaching using digital resources to enable modelling and interactive learning, along with Practice Books and Workbooks to support independent work.

The Foundation content is in line with the EYFS Framework and the Year 1–6 content supports frequent, discrete and direct teaching of handwriting for 5–11 year olds, as required by National Curriculum 2014. 

At Hill Top, handwriting takes place across the different curriculum areas. To ensure consistency across school, we use PenPals which is a whole school systematic handwriting scheme with clear progression through stages.


When is handwriting taught?

  • 15 minute teacher led lessons at least once per week
  • Opportunities throughout the week to independently practice their handwriting 


What does handwriting lessons look like?

  • PenPals gym
  • Modelled teaching
  • Sky writing
  • Teaching of forming letters/joins
  • Practice


Children should write sat at a table using the correct sitting posture.

Fine and gross motor skills should continue to be taught alongside PenPals in EYFS and KS1.