Forest School

November 2023


Our fire skills are really improving. We can make a waffle lay and light a fire with flints. We can also keep it going and are beginning to recognise when to ‘feed it.’ We have roasted marshmallows and we have had a go at roasting apples and sprinkling them with sugar and cinnamon to make apple pie on a stick. 
We had a session working with Trustgreen and we made a hibernaculum for the local forest creatures as well as identifying local leaves. 
We have been working on whittling with sheath knives and have been doing some very relaxing autumn Forest bathing which is very good for the soul!

This children make very creative and elaborate dens and have been noticing how the forest is changing over the season. 

We made beans on toast on the fire!

October 2023

We have been using bow saw, sheath knives and starting to make sparks to light cotton wool with flints. We are learning the rules for fires and will build up to making a full fire soon. 
We have made some amazing dens so far and we are enjoying using ropes.

We used sheath knives and learned square lashing and clove hitch knots to make lots of different things like photo frames, wind chimes and dream catchers.

September 2023
We have had a great start to Forest School and the children are showing us how well they can follow rules. This is building up trust and enabling us to introduce new things. We have had a go at loppers so far. We have listened to the tool talk and are using them in the way we have been taught. 
We have also made hot chocolate, made blackberry ink, played lots of games and have built lots of dens. We even made peace offerings to the ‘little people in the woods’ to show them we are friendly and care for the Forest!