What is Spelling Shed?


Spelling Shed is a simple, fun web-game that is playable through any internet browser on phones, tablets or computers.

Pupils will be assigned phonics and or spellings that they need to learn/practise.

Each child has their own username and password.

Pupils can also select ‘More Lists’ if they would like to revisit past assignments.

To ensure your child is given a level of challenge appropriate to them, they can choose from four levels of difficulty.

The game is also designed to be dyslexic-friendly.

• Easy – The word is shown, an audio clip is played and only the included letters are shown.

• Medium – An audio clip is played and only the included letters are shown.

• Hard – An audio clip is played and the included letters, plus some random letters are shown.

• Extreme – An audio clip is played and a full qwerty keyboard is shown. Letters must be correctly accented and capitalised.


All users have an avatar that can be personalised by using honeypots. Honeypots are earned by spelling words correctly. 


How do I access Spelling Shed?


Spelling Shed Yearly Overview

Here is the Spelling Shed medium term plan which shows when your child will be taught each spelling pattern during the year. It also specifies at which point during the year they will be taught words from the statutory spelling lists.

Statutory Spelling Lists

Here are the complete lists of statutory spellings. These have been broken down to be taught in specific terms in each year group (see above document):

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