Year 4


Welcome to Year 4. The adults in this class are:

Monday- Tuesday - Mrs Secker and Miss Cooper

Wednesday-Friday - Mrs Noble and Miss Cooper


Please remember:

Wednesday - Swimming - Come to school in kit

Friday - PE - Come to school in kit


Responsibilities at home: 

Read 3 times per week and sign Reading record 

TTRockstars 3 times per week 


Set Monday to be completed by following Monday - Spelling shed for Year 4 spelling list or SPAG sheet/

Set Friday to be completed by following Friday - Spelling shed for this week’s spellings and Maths (Deepening understanding or myMaths)



Welcome message and things to remember

Autumn 1 Topic

Active Planet 

The Big Idea: The tectonic plates that form the Earth’s crust are always moving. Even the smallest movement can cause huge earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis that devastate communities across wide areas. If we can understand what is happening underground we can learn to predict and protect ourselves in the future.



Entry point


We made a disaster relief centre in groups using equipment from the scrap shed. We had to think about what supplies and facilities that we would need. We hosted other groups in our centre in role play activities.


Geography task:

Research and present information about a specific volcano.