Welcome to Year One

     Staff in Year One: Mrs Sunderland & Mr Fellender

PE Day : Thursday ( Children to attend school in full PE kits & remain in these all day)

Please see welcome video below for other useful information

Below is an overview of the intended learning throughout this year -

Here are the 'rules' that the children chose for our  Class Mission Statement: 

Our first topic is 'Brainwaves'.

For our Entry point we talked about our brain and what it controlled. We discussed what an amazing organ it actually is!

We watched a short film explaining the parts of the brain and what each section controlled.

We then all examined a brain....well, a jelly brain! 

On Thursday we received a parcel through the post from Professor Sparks! 

It was a puzzle!

We had to use the Professor's clues to figure out what he wanted us to do. We worked as a team and looked at all the clues. We worked out that he wanted us to create an obstacle course! 

This is because both solving puzzles and exercise are good for our brains!

Before we could build and complete the final challenge, we decided to write some instructions of how to stay safe and also what we needed to do to complete

our obstacle course successfully. 

 We had lots of fun completing our Obstacle Course! Some of the tasks were easy and some were challenging, but the children 

showed lots of resilience and kept trying!

For our Brainwaves Exit Point, we had a morning of 'Puzzles Galore!'

The children had a variety of puzzles to choose from and had lots of fun trying to solve them!

Our next Topic is 'The Magic Toymaker'.

For our Entry Point we received a parcel from the Magic Toymaker, with a challenge inside.

The Toymaker wanted us to work in teams to make our own toys! 

We had lots of  great ideas and displayed super teamwork!

The finished items were: a speedboat, a lighthouse, a doll's house, a train station & a chocolate coin making machine!

See if you can spot which team built which toy?

For our Knowledge Harvest we worked in teams to answer the following questions:

  • What is a toy?
  • Why are toys important?
  • What toys do you like to play with?
  • What toys did you like to play with when you were younger?