Reception Home Learning Videos

Why do you think these superheroes are bowing down to the doctors and nurses?

Going on a walk? See how many of these signs and shapes you can find on your journey!

Our R.E. work about our special freinds

Clapping for NHS and Keyworkers!

Reception Shout-Outs!

Phonics session 27th April 

Phonics Session 21-4-20

Maths Session Videos- 1st April

Phonics Sessions 31-3-20

Phonics-26th March 2020

Phonics (Session 1- 24th March 2020)

Here is our first online Phonics session! This is a game we like to do to start our Phonics sessions at school. Say the phoneme to match the graphemes on my flashcards. The flashcards are available on Twinkl if you would like to download them for home. You may need to pause the video for a bit of extra time, I will try and improve my speed next time! Information on the follow up tasks will be sent by email.

Fun Stories and Videos by Reception Staff

Each member of staff in our Early Years team is recording stories for you to listen to at home.

Follow the link to find all of our videos: 

Story of the Week: Superworm!

Story of the week: 'Ten Rules of Being a Superhero'

Reception children read 'Supertato!'

Craft with magnets

How to make pictures move using marvelous magnets!

Here is the story, 'Tadpole's Promise' to help you with your topic work. 

Helpful Resources for Parents

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Department For Education- Phonics Guidance

Teaching Writing in EYFS

Please take a few minutes to watch our short video on writing with children in EYFS. 

After watching our video, hopefully you can see how we want the children to feel successful in writing. We aren't correcting constantly or saying work is wrong. Lots of encouragement is needed, we have corrected some use of capital letters, but just commented on others. We want the children to use the Phonics they know- this means that words may not always be correctly spelled, but are phonetically plausible. They will need reminding about finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. If your child is not at this level yet, that is fine- their sentence may just be initial sounds of the words, so may look like, 't r i a j' (The robot ate a jelly). If your child finds this easy then add some describing words such as, 'The robot ate some juicy jelly.'

Phase 2-5 Tricky Word Songs