Welcome to all our Nursery parents.

Our staff this term are:

Janet Blakeley Nursery Teacher.

Jennie O’Leary Nursery Teaching Assistant.

Lauren Richardson Nursery Teaching Assistant.

Claire Maskill   SCITT teacher starting her teacher training with us.

We have had a lovely first week back and have welcomed lots of new children.

We have been introduced to Sparkle the African Land Snail and we also have two stick insects now!!!! Steve and Harry!

We have read the stories about Foxy and made some rock buns to take home just like they did in the book....except we didn’t burn ours. 


This is is the plan for our first half term at school. It is very open to change as we use the children’s interests to promote learning.  It is a rough guide.


This week we have been learning how to use all the equipment and materials in Nursery correctly.we have been playing games and enhancing our listening skills.

 We have also learnt about wild animals and people who help us in school.

We have been enjoying the lovely weather outside.

23rd September.

This week we have been embracing the pouring rain.

 We loved splashing in puddles in the style of Peppa Pig.

We had our Maths workshop for parents ...thank you to all those who came we really appreciate your support.

We are really enjoying P.E with Mr Wynne on Friday mornings. He is teaching us some games skills like pretending a ball is your dog and keeping it under control with hands and feet....don’t let it run away,


October 2019

We have had a very busy half term

We have learnt a lot about sorting and patterns in Maths.

We are enjoying telling stories and acting them out at group times.

We are building up a bank of favourite stories like “Owl babies” and “The book with no pictures.”

Our pictures in the style of Bridget Riley make a great display in the messy room. She is a British artist who is the news a lot at the moment.

We had a lovely Halloween party. There were lots of great outfits and lovely dancing.Enter text...