Year 5


The adults in Year 5 this year are Miss Parkinson, Miss Spencer and Miss Colquhoun (Fri pm).

Space Explorers

In Science, the children enjoyed finding out about the planets in our solar system. They were given the challenge to draw each one to scale and then work out the relative distances from the Sun.

In English, we have started reading The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge. The children are loving it so far and really keen to read on to find out what happens.

To begin our Science topic, the children learnt about nebulae, which are clouds of dust and gas in space. They looked at how nebulae could be formed. They then enjoyed creating their own pieces of artwork.

Being Human

In Science, the children created videos to demonstrate their understanding of the circulatory system.

In Science, Year 5 made working models of the heart to explore the science involved in the process. They explored how blood flows in one direction through the heart chambers, and acted as the valves by pinching the straws.

In Science, the children were challenged with creating short videos to demonstrate their knowledge of different systems in the human body. They used an app on the iPad called 'Clips' to create their videos.

Entry Point:

Making New Materials

Exit Point:

In Science, the children used their knowledge of materials to make some play dough. They were then challenged to write a set of instructions for their creations.

In English, the children were challenged to write and present a persuasive speech to convince our 'Sorting Hat' to place them in their desired Hogwarts house. They had to explain what traits they possess and how that would make them a desirable candidate for their chosen house. They had lots of fun and couldn't wait for the results.

Here are the fantastic newspaper articles Year 5 have written about an attempted break in at the wizarding bank, Gringotts. They worked extremely hard to include the key features of a newspaper report: interesting headlines, direct and reported speech and formal language.

In English, we were very lucky to be visited by Professor Albus Dumbledore, himself. The children interviewed him for their newspaper articles.

In Science, the children investigated which materials could be separated by sieving, filtering or evaporating. They then had to draw conclusions based on their knowledge of the properties of materials.

In Science, we carried out an experiment to see which material melted the quickest. The children made their own predictions based on their knowledge of materials. They also ensured the test was fair by keeping variables the same: the amount and temperature of water; the size of the materials; and the size of the container. They then placed their material in a foil cup and timed how long each one took to melt.


During this topic, we learned all about memory and different strategies we could use in our learning to help us remember things. We finished by creating our own memory games.

Exit Point

For our exit point, we created our own pieces of artwork based on the book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' by Charlie Mackesy. The children were brilliant and were really thoughtful when thinking of their own quotes based on having a growth mindset.

Year 5 Curriculum Map:

Please view the Year 5 information video below:

Reindeer Run

Everyone loved taking part in the Reindeer Run, especially when they were joined by a special person.

Black History Month

Year 5 learned about a range of influential musicians who overcame difficulties in their careers and given back to their communities. They then researched and presented information about some of their personal role models in the industry.

PE: Dance

The children have been learning all about the intimidating ritual of the Haka. In groups, they choreographed their own versions to perform. 

Music: Cello and Viola Lessons

The children are really enjoying their Strings lessons so far. They are each trying out the cello and viola to see which they prefer. So far, they have learned to hold and pluck the instruments correctly, as well as hold and use the bow which can be quite tricky.


Year 5 really enjoyed having a visitor in from D-Side who spoke to them about online safety, particularly how to keep safe when using social media. They then completed some follow up work later in the afternoon.