Welcome to Year 1

           Adults in Year One : Mrs Sunderland

                   Mrs Harris

              Miss Colquhoun


Below is our planning for the new academic year :

Here are the rules the children all created for our class this year.

We had an exciting impromptu opportunity this week to look closer at a visiting Fire Engine!

The children were very excited to climb inside for a look and loved listening to the very loud sirens!!

Our first topic is BRAINWAVES

We have enjoyed learning about our brains and how important they are! We began by looking at a jelly brain, and touching it!

We talked about all the things that our brain enables us to do, such as writing, dreaming, riding our bikes and feeling emotions. We then considered how to keep our brains healthy and what we needed to do to be good learners. 

We have had a few challenges during this topic, including trying to complete a jigsaw without the pictures or any help! We also had an Obstacle Course Challenge, where we learned that practicing tricky tasks helps us to improve our skills!