Year 1- Miss Kerry and Mrs Stead

Welcome to Year 1's page!

Adults working with us this year are: Miss Kerry, Mrs Stead, Mrs Thornton, Mrs Harris and Mrs Sunderland.

Summer 1 Topic

This term our topic is 'We Are What We Eat.' The focus of this is learning about different types of foods, healthy and unhealthy food and where food comes from. Our literacy topic is about 'Spider Sandwiches!' We will be writing our own stories about this and other disgusting foods!

Spring 2 Topics

  This term we will be doing 2 different topics. The first one is called 'Live and Let Live'. We will be learning about what animals need to survive and the life cycles of animals.


The second topic is called 'Green Fingers' and is all about plants and what they need to survive.


We are what we eat!

The entry point to our new topic was to create a whole-class role play area and turn our classroom into a restaurant! We talked about the different restaurants we have visited and what jobs the people there do. We decided which job we would like to try most and then opened our restaurant! 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

We visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to investigate different animals alongside our topic 'Live and Let Grow!' We learnt more about groups of animals, like mammals, amphibians, birds, fish etc and how these animals are similar and different.  We had a great time looking at the animals in the park, as well as our learning session where we touched a cockroach, held an ostrich egg, held and African land snail, tyouched snake skin, felt a camel's winter fur and even stroked a real dragon! What a tiring day!

World Book Day in Year 1!

We really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day!

Click on the links to find out more information about each topic as we are learning about them.

 Autumn Term  Spring Term   Summer Term  


Who am I?


The Magic Toymaker

Media Magic  Live & Let Live  Green Fingers  We are what we Eat  The Circus is Coming to Town