Spelling Bee 2018-2019

Another amazing Spelling Bee took place this week involving children from Year 1 to 6. Children received their words they had to learn at home, a semi final took place within the classroom before they faced the dreaded buzzer in the Grand Final.

Well Done to all who participated and an extra well done to our champions.

Y1: Albie     Y2: Chloe     Y3: Emily     Y4: Aleesha      Y5: Sophie     Y6: Caitlin

KS1 Champion: Chloe             LKS2 Champion: Emily         UKS2 Champion: Sophie

The next Spelling Bee will take place in the Spring.




Spelling Bee 2017-2018


An amazing spelling competition took place on Wednesday with outstanding spellers from all classes. It was very close between the children and mystery words had to be used to secure a winner.

Well Done to all the children in the school for taking part and learning their spellings.

Spelling Bee Champions:

Y1: Ayaan     Y2: Lily-Mae     Y3: Emily     Y4: Sophie    Y5: Caitlyn     Y6: Amelia

KS1 Champion: Lily-Mae     LKS2 Champion: Sophie       UKS2 Champion: Amelia

The next Spelling Bee will be in the Spring!

Wednesday 18th October 2017 is the

first Spelling Bee of the year!

All children have received a set of spellings from their year group and have

been asked to practise and learn to spell them at home and at school.

Mrs Lancaster led an assembly explaining what they need to do and

what will happen on the day of the final in an assembly.

Prior to this, each class will have a semi-final in their own class with

the two finalists going through to the grand final in the hall.


Good luck to everyone and keep practising your spellings!!