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Admissions Policy - September 2018.

 Hill Top Primary Academy is responsible for its own pupil admissions but works closely with Leeds City Council’s Admissions Team to co-ordinate the allocation and admission of children who reach statutory school age.

Parents who wish to have their child start school in Reception Class should refer to the Hill Top Primary Academy Admissions Policy as well as Leeds City Council ‘Starting Primary School in Leeds’ booklet, which is published each Autumn and explains the Common Admissions Procedure.

Children will normally start primary school in the appropriate age range. We will, however, consider individual requests for children to be educated outside their normal age group on their merits. Parents should always bear in mind though, if we agree such a request, that secondary schools may not take the same view when a child seeks transfer into a secondary school. 

You must ensure your child receives an appropriate full time education from the term following their fifth birthday. Almost all children start school in Leeds in the September following their fourth birthday. However, parents may request that the start date for their child is deferred until later in the school year in the case of children who have not reached their 5th birthday. Parents can also request that a child attends part-time until he/she reaches compulsory school age. If parents do want a later start date within the academic year they need to discuss this with the Academy. If a child is born in the Summer Term and parents wish to defer entry until the next academic year, unless there are exceptional reasons, parents will need to apply for a place in Year 1 and should contact the Academy for further advice.

For the full Admissions Policy, please click here.


Current Admissions


Children may begin in the Reception Class in the September of the academic year in which they are five years old. Education when the child is five (term after), is on a full time basis.

It is the policy of the Governing Body, that part time education should be provided for four-year-olds on a part time basis wherever possible.

e.g. Autumn born (with birthdays in September, October, November and December) will be offered full time education from the beginning of the academic year in which they are five.

Spring born (with birthdays in January, February, March and April) will be able to choose full or part time education from the beginning of the academic year in which they are five.

Summer born (with birthdays in May June, July and August) will attend the Reception Class from 8.55a.m. until 12 noon or 1.00pm each day in the Autumn Term. Full time education is offered in the Spring Term, when it is more appropriate to meet their needs. Our Baseline Assessment and pupil attainment figures support this policy.

The needs of children and families will be considered paramount. Variance of this policy may be made on an individual basis .

Pupils are admitted into school under the following Local Education Authority criteria:
L.E.A. placement; or parental request (places permitting).
Hill Top is a one form entry school. Up to thirty pupils are normally admitted each year into Reception Class.