Year 2

The adults working in Year 2 this year are: Miss Monaghan, Mrs O'Donovan, Mrs Harris and Mrs Sunderland

Welcome to our class page! We will update this regularly to give you an insight into what has been happening in our class. Keep checking in!

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Year 2

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Summer 1 - Flowers and Insects

We started our new topic with a design challenge! In groups we chose a type of insect that we wanted to create a 3D model of. We then worked as a team to construct the insect by combining different materials and colours. 

Skipping Competition - 16th March 2018

Year 2 attended a skipping competition at Rodillian High School. We competed against other teams after weeks of practicing the different techniques. We won several awards over different parts of the day - we had lots of fun!

We used google expeditions to make the same journey up Mount Everest as Edmund Hillary did. We thought it was amazing that we could see what the different stops looked like and recorded our journey on our research sheets. 

Spring 2 - People of the Past

Our topic this half term is all about famous inventors, explorers and artists. We have learnt about the lives and achievements of explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Edmund Hillary. We then found out about Edward Jenner and how his scientific invention helped to cure small pox. In Art, we looked at several famous artists and how they created their famous pieces of work. We had a go at re creating some of these using the same techniques. 

Science Task - We learnt about the different groups that animals can be sorted into based on their characteristics. We then sorted a variety of picture cards, discussing why we thought they belonged to that group and then wrote an explanation on our whiteboards. 

Spring 1 - Live and Let Live

This half term we have being learning all about plants, animals and humans. We have done a lot of work in science around life cycles, habitats and food chains. We have also learnt about the life cycle of a bean plant and acted this out with our friends. In our topic lesson we created posters to demonstrate our knowledge of the five key things that humans need for survival. 

We learnt about the famous weaving artist called Gunta Stolzl. We then developed our own weaving skills by following instructions carefully and helping each other. The weaving took us a really long time and we revisited it each day but we demonstrated lots of resilience and determination. Have a look at the process below. 

All Dressed Up topic - Autumn 2

We have really enjoyed the variety of work we have been able to do over the last seven weeks. We started with our entry point task of designing and creating our own outfits using household materials. We had some fabulous designs! 

Our English focus was the story of 'The Emperors New Clothes'. We spent a week creating story maps, acting out different scenes and hot seating characters. We then created drafts of the story which we edited. We then produced our final pieces of writing. 

In Science we have carried out lots of different types of investigations with a variety of materials. We used our senses to create word clouds of adjectives and also learnt about the life and inventions of Charles Macintosh. We then carried out our own waterproof investigations. 

Black History Month - October 2017

We have learnt about two significant people during Black History Month in Year Two. During discussions we have talked about the need for fairness and equality in the world and what we can do to show each other respect. 

We learnt about the life and achievements of Barack Obama! We watched his presidential speeches and then decided to hold an election in class to vote for our own class Prime Minister. We wrote our own speeches and thought about the messages we wanted to get across. Some of us then performed our speeches to the rest of the class and we elected Seth

Our next significant person to learn about was Harriet Tubman (Harriet the Hero). We watched her life story and could not believe how amazing she was! We learnt about her fight to free slaves in America and how she managed to save hundreds of lives. We then wrote letters to Harriet to thank her for her efforts!

Autumn 1 - A to B (Week 3 to 7)

Our topic over the last five weeks has been all about transport! We have had a very busy time in Year Two learning about different types of inventions from the past. We have designed and created our own vehicles, wrote poetry, created biographies and learnt about important people.


Autumn 1 - Brainwave (Week 1 and 2)

We have all settled back into school life after the summer holidays and we have got straight to work on our first topic! We have been learning all about the brain and how we can help our brain to make new connections and stay healthy. Have a look at some of the work and activities that we have been doing. 

Entry point - We worked with a partner from Year One to take part in some 'Brainercise' and we had a great time! We warmed up by taking part in some coordination challenges which involved us using different parts of our brains - some of us found this quite difficult to begin with but we got better each time. We then followed a video which taught us to make patterns with our bodies and we had to try our best to remember the different sequences. 

In Literacy we read a story called 'The Dot' about a little girl who believed she couldn't draw any thing that was any good. We followed her journey as she began to change her mindset and have another go at drawing. She eventually turned her single dot into pieces of art and we couldn't wait to try it for ourselves. 

We each made a single dot on the paper and transformed it into whatever we wanted to. Look at the fabulous work below! 

The motto in the story - 'Make a mark and see where it takes you!'

We looked at what it means to have a 'fixed mindset' and a 'growth mindset' and thought of examples of how we could become better learners. We then worked in groups to draw an outline of our friends and filled the drawings with words and phrases about how to be a good learner.