The children all helped to make a bridge for the troll to live under.

We put buttons on the pretend Gingerbread man.

We love to play hospitals and cut up paper to make loads of bandges.

We had a lovely Valentines Disco.

We made Lucky Chinese money purses for Chinese New Year.

January 2017

We enjoyed making up our own circus acts. Isaac was a very funny clown and Addison was an amazing gymnast.

Autumn 2.

Thank you to all the parents who supported our Literacy Workshop.

The children were involved in Phase 1 phonic activities develping rhyming and love of books.

We had Finger Gym activities for strengthening fingers - so important for writing.

We joined in the reception word hunt and practised writing our names.

We had a very busy Science Day.

 We investigated water : waterproofing, floating and sinking, bubbles, wet and dry sand and an icy hand appeared outside.

We had a lot of fun and the children were inspired to experiment and talk about what they had found out.


Autumn 1 - 

 We have been welcoming lots of lovely new children who are all doing very well.

 We have been making birthday cakes and having lots of parties in the home corner.

We have been learning about 2D SHAPES.

We have been painting and making sticky paper pictures.

We have been making circular railways and using squares to make patterns and take the teddies for a walk.