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  2. Celebraton Assembly 8th February

Celebraton Assembly 8th February

8 February 2019 (by Sarah Kerry (kerry.s))

Tidy Classroom- Year Six Attendence- Year Six Reception- Lexi Year One- Darcie Year Two- Rhys Year Three- Stacey Year Four- William Year Five- Aaron Year Six- Sadie

KS2 Basketball Competition Certificates for first and third place- Holly, Francesca, Gracie Ann, Jack, Charlie, Zach, Cody, Sam, Isla, Sophie 

KS1 Volleyball Competition Certificates for first place- Maeve, Lydia, Jessica, Blake, Ayaan and Adam

IPC Values- Adaptability-

Reception-  Violet 

Year Two- Lilly 

Year Three- Harrison 

Year Five- Zac 

Year Six- Harley