The curriculum is ‘what’ will be taught. The Government has slimmed these requirements down to enable schools to add areas they feel children need for their development. At Hill Top Primary Academy we deliver the International Primary Curriculum as part of our curriculum provision which is closely matched to the National Curriculum requirements.

We will mix a rich cross curricular approach through the IPC to make learning fun, with discrete teaching of specialist subjects such as computing, French in KS2, RE, Music and Physical Education.

You can find out what your children are learning by visiting our class pages.

INTENT: Through the use of the IPC

  • We are able to be flexible and can adapt to children's interests and level of understanding
  • We can integrate with other curriculum to ensure we're meeting statutory requirements, in a creative and engaging way


  • Offers simple but structured curriculum focussed around subject, personal and international learning goals
  • We are part of an international community of schools, teachers and learners with access to an online space for information sharing
  • It helps engage parents with learning, and to understand the relevance of learning in the classroom and at home
  • Assessment is done by teachers and children to help engage them with learning, and understand their level of skills and knowledge
  • It encourages collaboration and reflection not just between teachers and pupils, but amongst teachers within the school and worldwide

IMPACT: The outcome of the use of the IPC

 We fundamentally believe that children will be better equipped for life beyond school if they are more globally aware, armed with the skills, transferable knowledge and understanding to transition to the next phase in their lives.

As a school we define international mindedness as:

“To have an awareness of ourselves and others”


We believe that Pupils’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning is ignited by a rich relevant curriculum.

Great learning, great teaching and great fun…