Welcome to Year 6

The adults in Year 6 are Mrs O'Donovan and Mrs Stead

Below is a letter with important information for Year 6. 

Summer 2

Here and Now, There and Then

Entry Point

For our entry point, we made comparisons and contrasts between the U.K and our host country Japan. We then recorded these on collages.

Sports Day

The Land of Neverbelieve

Spring 2 and Summer 1

The Great, the Bold and the Brave


Entry Point 

Knowledge Harvest


Science Week 

As part of science week, we looked at weather experiments based on the weather cycle, how rain is formed and how to measure rainfall. 

Figurative Language 
In English, we have been looking at how we can improve our narrative writing. One way is using more imagery and figurative language. Yesterday, as the sun was shining, we took our English lesson outside and worked in groups of three to create posters which helped us to understand more about this. We learnt about similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, idiom, hyperbole and alliteration.  

Exit Point

Spring 1

Go With the Flow

This half term will be home learning and already I am excited to see the amazing work you are all sending back and I will upload it to share with you all. 

Entry Point

Our class book this half term is "Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. 

Maia, an orphan, can't wait to reach her distant relatives a thousand miles up the Amazon. She imagines a loving family with whom she will share great adventures. Instead she finds two spiteful cousins who see the jungle as the enemy and refuse to go outdoors. But the wonders of the rainforest more than made up for the hideous Carters. When Maia meets a mysterious boy, who lives alone on the on the wild river shores, she begins a spectacular journey to the heart of an extraordinary new world. 

11.01.21 This week we have been researching and finding out all about rivers in both the United Kingdom and throughout he world. Here are just. some of our fantastic fact files. 

This week we have also written a descriptive piece about a river using similes, metaphors and personification before moving on to describing a river's journey from its source in the mountains to its end point - the mouth. 

18.01.21 This week we have been researching all about the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest as our class book 'Journey to the River Sea is set there and we thought it would be a great idea to build on our knowledge from Year 3 and learn more about this area of the world. We were asked to conduct our own research, plan at least five sub-headings and than decide how to present the information. 

 Some of our work this week which includes researching the River Aire and its uses and writing a postcard from one of the characters in our class book, "Journey to the River Sea."

25.01.21 This week as part of our topic we have been looking at dams and floods as well as looking at a case study - York Floods 2015. Here a just a few of our files about some of the most famous dams in the world. 

In PSHCE this week, we have been focusing and reminding ourselves how to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. We then made our own positive quotes which we hope to display on he classroom when we all return. 

Over the next three weeks, we are going to be reading a new book called "Floodland' by Marcus Sedgewick and completing English work based on it. Here is the front cover and blurb. 

1.02.21 This week, we began by learning all about the water cycle. 

We finished editing and re-drafting our letters which we wrote last week. They are from the character Zoe (from Floodland) to her parents , who have gone missing at sea. 

 This week, we have also learnt about how Waterfalls are formed and then researched and either produced a persuasive leaflet or presentation about a Waterfall of our choice. 

As part of our work on the book 'Floodland', we have been discussing whether or not Dooby was a good leader. Here are just some of our discussion texts. 

This week is children's mental health week and as part of this we have been looking at how we can keep not only our body healthy but our mind healthy too. 

Autumn 2 


Entry Point

Learning Journey 

As part of our learning journey in science, we have been looking at the idea that light travels in straight lines and explaining that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye. Here are some of our periscopes we made. 

Autumn 1

Out of Africa

Entry Point

As our entry point to the topic Out of Africa, we looked at DNA and how there is a gradual change to the DNA of a species over time. We then enjoyed making our own DNA double helix with beads and pipe-cleaners. Here are a few of them. 

Knowledge Harvest

Learning Journey

Over the last few days, we have been creating a model of rock layers with fossils in them using different coloured jelly. It has helped us to understand how the age of the rock relates to the age of the fossil. 

As part of ur learning journey, we have been learning about the features of a biography and have written about both Charles Darwin and Mary Anning. Here are some of our completed biographies. 

We have been extremely busy this half term and have loved out topic ‘Out of Africa’. Below are some more of our learning journey. These have included learning about inheritance and characteristics when we developed our own Mr Men characters, understanding plant adaptations, how human have evolved and the formation of fossils as well as researching and writing a non-chronological report about the Galápagos Islands. 

In maths, we have been trying our very best to further our knowledge, understanding and skills in long division. This has been a bit tricky at times but we have been very resilient and kept on going. Today, Mrs O’Donovan organised a long division treasure hunt and we were able to be outside in the fresh air whilst also developing our skills. 

This half term, with Mr Wynn, we have been progressing our Knowledge, understanding and skills in handball. 

Exit Point

As we were unable to go to the Natural History Museum in London, we brought the museum to us online. We enjoyed looking at the stunning building, fossils displays and the Mary Anning gallery. After this online trip, we tested our knowledge on the topic with a Kahoot! quiz called ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. 

Our first topic this year is 


We have had a great first week back and completed our first topic, Brainwaves. We rediscovered how to improve our memory and tried different methods such as chunking and stories when we played 'The Generation Game'. 

Entry Point 

Knowledge Harvest

Learning Journey

As part of our learning this week we have: learnt about how our brain works and remembers things; produced posters to explain to others how to keep their brain healthy; researched the different parts of the brain; read the book 'Emmanuel's Dream and discussed how we can improve our own mindset and we have written a story from Emmanuel's point of view and how he felt on his ground-breaking 400 mile journey through Ghana. 

Exit Point

At the end of topic, we read the Book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' by Charles Mackery. From here, we entered the world of Charlie's four unlikely friends, discovered their story and the most important life lessons. After looking at the many positive quotes contained in the book, we created our own quotes based on growth mindset and illustrated them in the same style. We hope you like them.