Welcome to Year 6

The adults working in Year 6 are Mrs O'Donovan, Mrs Secker and Mrs Stead

Important information:

  • This half term our P.E days are Tuesdays and Fridays; however the children have been asked to make sure their P.E kit is in school everyday incase this changes.
  • Homework will generally be set on a Fridays and is due in on Tuesdays.
  • Children are required to read 3 times a week and have their Reading Records signed each time they read. 
  • Planners and Reading Records will handed in on a Monday morning and need to be checked and signed by a parent/carer at the end of each week. 

Our learning journey this year:

As a class, we discussed what we wanted our class mission statement to be.

We have had a great week so far and enjoyed starting our first topic. 

Entry Point 

For our entry point to our Brainwaves topic, we played memory games to see how good our memories were. Our favourite game was the 'Generation Game' and we all remembered the cuddly toy!

Our Learning Journey 

Exit Point

For our exit point, we discussed growth mindset and how we could remain positive when we found things tough. We designed and painted positivity pebbles and made our own positive quotes, to look at throughout the year. 

Our second topic this half term is 

Out of Africa

Entry Point

For our entry point, we made the shape of DNA - the double helix- using pipe cleaners, straws, play doh, beads, pompoms and blue tac. 

Knowledge Harvest


The children were asked to focus on four key questions:

  1. What is 'evolution'?
  2. Where is the evidence for evolution?
  3. What is meant by 'adaptation'?
  4. Why is there so much diversity of life on Earth?

Our Learning Journey

We started at the very beginning with early signs of life and worked through geological time from the Cambrian period to the present day. Along the journey we looked at the dinosaur age in the Mesozoic era and visited Africa 200,000 years ago to trace our human ancestors. 

Charles Darwin

As part of our topic this half term, we have been learning all about Charles Darwin, how he travelled aboard the HMS Beagle and his idea of evolution and changes that lead to his book, 'The Origins of Species'. Before we wrote formal letters, some of us became Charles Darwin, whilst the rest of the class asked questions about his journey and discoveries. Here are a few photographs taken from our 'hot seating' lesson. 

Thursday 10th October was Mental Health Awareness Day and as part of this we discussed the difference between our physical and mental health and what strategies could be used if we or anyone else felt upset, down or angry. We completed an activity to decide which strategies would work best and then in pairs acted out a scenario about a boy called Joe, who was finding everyday life difficult and how his friend's advice helped him. 

Exit Point

For our exit point we visited the National History Museum and took part in a fascinating workshop all about fossils. 


We all had a fantastic, although exhausting time in London. Here are some of our highlights. 

Our Topic in Autumn two term is 


Entry Point 

For our entry point for our new topic 'Fairgrounds' we made various fairground rides from wood, lego and K-nex. We showed great resilience as some of the kits did not go as planned!

Knowledge Harvest

In their groups, the children were asked to label the photograph of their fairground ride and explain how their model worked. They included information about speed and direction as well as naming forces involved. 

Learning Journey

During our learning journey we have been finding out about the science behind energy, forces, sound and light. We have carried out experiments, using fair testing, to discover the forces acting on riders at a fairground, as well as designing our very own roller coasters and discovering whether or not they would pass safety testing! We then investigated the importance of the sense of sight at a fairground and learnt all about sight by researching different parts of the eye and how the human eye works. 

As part of our learning journey, we have also enjoyed writing our very own fairground horror stories, as well as writing a balanced argument in relation to a proposed theme park to be built on the green belt land near our school. 

As part of our 'fairgrounds' topic we have been learning about electrical circuits and investigated how too make both a series circuit and a parallel circuit. We then discussed electricity in a fairground and where it would be necessary to be able to turn off some lights without affecting the others. 

Thank you for all who came to our Christmas market stall and bought our lovely decorations.We had great fun making them, especially as we were able to get the glitter out! 

Exit Point 

We had a fantastic time designing and making our very own fairground rides. These rides used circuits as well as pulleys and gears. We all shown great resilience once again and by the end of the session all eight rides moved!

Our topic in Spring one term is 

The Great, The Bold and The Brave 

Entry Point

For our entry point the children took on the role of 'classical architects' and recreated some of the famous and most celebrated buildings from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Here are our completed models. 

Knowledge Harvest

Learning Journey