Reception 2021-2022

Mrs Cundall

Ms Nicoll, Ms Jones

Welcome to our class webpage! We will update this page with information and photos of what we are learning in school each half-term. You will find up-to-date information about our topics, things that are needed in school and what your child is learning, so please check back regularly.

Spring 2: I wonder what is happening to the weather?

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Spring 1: I wonder what a dinosaur was?

Alongside our new Phonics scheme, Essential Letters and Sounds, we are fostering a LOVE for reading in Reception! Everyone brought in a book from home to share one afternoon. We spent the entire afternoon reading each others' stories and finding out why we liked this book best.

Dinosaurs are everywhere! We learnt that dinosaurs are now extinct, but we had lots of fun pretending to create our own new species of dinosaur using different body parts of dinosaur species we know. We gave them new, nonsense names and added descriptive labels to explain to everyone in our dinosaur museum what they were.

Autumn 2: I wonder why the weather is changing?

Please note this this plan is subject to change as we are keen to follow the interests of the children and adapt planning accordingly.

Reception Christmas Sing-Along!

'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson

We visited the wildlife garden to collect a stick. We had lots of fun turning our sticks into wands, campfires, instruments and tools before we brought them back to the classroom to turn them into our very own Stick Men!

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Children in Need 2021!

 We have had a wonderful day fundraising for Children in Need! We wore yellow and spotty clothes all day, make Pudsey Bear ears, painted Pudsey a new eyepatch and made spotty Pudsey Bear biscuits. 

Autumn 1: I  wonder what is special about...?

Please note this this plan is subject to change as we are keen to follow the interests of the children and adapt planning accordingly.

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What is special about me?

During our first week at school we turned ourselves into superheroes by cutting out photos of our faces and stuck them onto superhero bodies. We talked about what made us special and the things we are 'super' at doing. We have put these up on our classroom wall.


What is special about my senses?

Each week we have explored one of our five senses. We have hidden things inside a box and used only our sense of touch to guess what it might be, carried out listening experiments to find out where a sound is coming from, used our noses to smell a variety of things, (some were not very nice!), and tasted a variety of food.

What is special about where  I live?

We enjoyed looking at different types of houses this week, and thought about what we do in our houses. We looked at where we live on Google Earth and found that some of us lived quite near to each other! We drew some wonderful houses and made lots of buildings in the construction area.

Who is special to me?

This week we were inspired by the talk of families to share the people who are special to us. It was a lovely opportunity to share the people who are now special to us in class, and lots of us shared lovely comments about each other. We thought about the people who help us in school, and learnt lots of new names of the staff who look after us throughout the day. We then thought about people who have special roles outside of school, like police, doctors, fire services etc. We thought of lots of important roles who help to keep  us safe.

This lead us onto learning about Black History Month, where we learned about several really influential and special people. We read lots of books featuring characters of different cultures and enjoyed finding out about all sorts of people. We especially liked, Bob Marley, Raven Wilkinson, Mae Jemison, Martin Luther King Jr and Marcus Rashford. We spent an afternoon listening to music by black artists and learnt how to sing and dance like Martha and the Vandellas, 'Dancing in the Street.'

What is special about my family?

Everyone brought in a photo of their family and proudly shared it with the class. We talked about different types of families and read the, 'Families, Families, Families,' book. We enjoyed sharing things that we enjoy doing with our families and telling each other about the people in our families. We each made a family tree which the grown-ups helped us make into calendars to take home at the new year.

What is special about our bodies...?

Reception were very interested our bodies after one of us returned from a visit to the hospital. We altered our planning to have a week learning about how amazing our bodies are. We had a visit from dentist, Mr O Donovan to show us how to clean our teeth properly and teach us about the importance of healthy teeth. He told us that we should brush for two minutes, and showed us how to do this. We each got to work on how to use our own toothbrush effectively. 

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