Year 2 Home Learning


Spellings 11th January

Here is a video linked to our topic for you to listen to.

Spellings 25th January

Spellings 1st February

Spelling quiz 8th February

Handwriting 22 Feb

Spellings 1st March

 Hello Year Two!

This page is where you will find all of our home learning videos from now on. We thought it was easier to keep them all in one place that is clear to see. Enjoy!

Handwriting  Wednesday 13th January 

Spellings 18th January

Handwriting 3rd February

Mental health week activity Friday 4th Feb

Handwriting 10th February

Spellings 25th Feb

Handwriting 3rd March

Handwriting 20th January

Handwriting 27th January

Thursday 4th Feb science investigation

English 8th February

Thursday 4th March

Thursday 4th March