Welcome to Year One

Adults in class : Mrs Sunderland & Mr Fellender

Below is an overview our our intended learning for the coming year.

In Year One, we have talked about what we thought we needed to do to have a happy and enjoyable time at school.

These are the 'rules' we chose for our class:

Our first Topic is BRAINWAVES. 

For our Entry Point, we watched a video about how important our brain is.

We then all got a change to prod a brain! A jelly brain! We then talked more about the amazing things that our brain can do!

We worked together to write down all the things we already knew about our brain and how to keep it healthy, to support our learning.

To keep our brains healthy, we were set the challenge of completing jigsaw puzzles. However, initially, we did not have the pictures to copy!

We worked hard in teams, but quickly discovered that it's hard to complete tasks when you do not have all the resources you need!

When we used the jigsaw pictures, we still found mastering the puzzles hard, but we showed great resilience and team-work, and were very proud when our teams succeeded!

We have learned that another important way of keeping our brains healthy is to exercise.

In PE we completed an Obstacle Course.

We had lots of fun doing this!

For our Brainwaves Exit Point we all enjoyed doing lots of different puzzles!

We had 'Puzzles Galore!'

Our next topic is THE MAGIC TOYMAKER

For our Entry Point, we received four big boxes from the Toymaker, with a letter explaining that there were toys inside the boxes. We were very excited!

However, when we opened the boxes, there were empty boxes, glue, scissors and cellotape inside!

We quickly realised that the Toymaker wanted us to use the resources and our imaginations to create our own toys.

We worked in teams to build teleporters, houses, bird cages and cars, amongst other things! 

We have had a lovely time listening to everyone talking about their favourite toys. No one had the same favourite, which was interesting!

Being able to speak clearly in front of the class and answer questions are important skills that we work hard on developing in Year One.

We looked closely at the painting THE TOY SHOP by Peter Blake.

We spotted lots of different toys.

We discussed what we can see in toy shop windows today and how the toys in the painting differed from today's toys.

We then all painted our own Toy Shop window to show our own favourite toys. 

For MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK,  we talked about what it means to be 'brave' and we read a lovely story about a wolf called Wolfgang. 

The children then worked in groups to re-enact the story. They really enjoyed their 'Drama' lesson. Below is an example of one of the group's work:

This week we have been doing lots of work on the story Lost in The Toy Museum. 

As well as doing some super writing about the beginning and then remainder of the story in our Topic Books, we also created colourful story maps to help us to remember the sequence of events within the story. Here are just a few:-

We have had lots of fun over the past few days as for our Exit Point we designed, labelled and then created our own stick puppets.

Special guests Mrs Hyams & Mrs Lancaster came in the admire our creations!

We have then spent the day playing with our creations, they even helped us to tidy up!

Our next Topic is Freeze It! 

The Big Idea

We are going to investigate the science of freezing.

We will learn about solids and liquids and how a liquid can be cooled to make a solid

and how a solid can be heated to make a liquid!

We have had lots of fun this morning for our Entry Point!

We learned all about the three states of matter - solids, liquids & gases.

We then learned how the molecules within these move.

Can you spot whether we are being a solid (molecules are packed closely together and don't move), a liquid (molecules are connected but are able to move) or a gas (molecules are free to move around the space)??


For our Knowledge Harvest we considered what ice & water looked like, felt like & what is can be used for?

We all enjoyed passing around the ice blocks and had some fantastic ideas for our questions.

We learned about the word' transparent' too!

Today we talked about Remembrance Sunday and the significance of wearing poppies.

We then all made our own & wore them proudly!

Children in Need 

Friday 13th November 2020

Unfortunately Year 1 are currently self-isolating, however, we have not let that stop us joining in with the school charity day, and we wore yellow/and or spots to show our support for such a worthwhile cause!

In Art we looked closely at frosty cobwebs. We watched how a spider spins a web, and how lots of straight lines make a circular pattern!

We then had a go at painting our own!

In our Science experiment today, we were looking at if we could freeze different liquids, and at what temperature they would freeze?

We looked at orange juice, milk, salt water & olive oil.

We measured their temperatures at different intervals throughout the day; after the ice-tray had initially just been outside, then in the freezer for one hour and finally 3 hours.

We recorded the temperatures, and then all wrote a sentence to describe our findings. 

Here are a few examples:

" The oil went gloopy!"

" The milk did freeze!"

"The orange juice was an ice cube!"

"The milk was solid at -1'C!"

For our Exit Point, we had to split the final task into two parts.

Part 1 involved making our own ice-lolly! Part 2 involved eating them!

I think the children definitely preferred Part 2! 

Christmas began in Year One today. We put up our tree whilst listening to Christmas music.

As we are unable to do a performance for parents this year, we have been working

very hard on learning how to sing a Christmas song using Makaton.

We hope you enjoy it!

Look who came to visit on Monday!

On Monday afternoon Year 1 had lots of fun at their Christmas party and were very lucky to have a special visitor! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


So 2021 at school has not started as planned! We are remote learning once again. 

But the learning and the fun doesn't stop! 

Our Topic for this half-term is ALL DRESSED UP!

Please find details below.

The children have been very busy learning all about clothes from around the World, about how climate influences our choice of clothing and lots of other exciting information.

Last week we read the traditional tale The Elves and the Shoemaker. We created story maps to show the important events within the text and then used these to support our own recounts of the story. 

Below are some examples of our hard work!

For our Exit Point, we all designed and then created our own hats! 

Here's our Year One Hat Fashion Show!

Our new topic is called OUR WORLD

We are going to learn about our local environment, it's inhabitants

and how we can all help to protect it. 

For our new topic ENTRY POINT we did a Scavenger Hunt, to give us the opportunity to look closer at the environment around us.

We were looking for lots of natural things, such as birds, flowers, trees, mini-beasts, clouds and the sun.

(The last one was a little trickier to find on the 23rd February!) 

The next task for our new topic Our World was to complete the 'Knowledge Harvest'.

This is where the children consider what they already know about the themes.

Please see some of our super work below!

Last week we completed some instructional writing on how to make a bird-feeder from recycled objects.

Today we had lots of fun creating our own! (There were some very sticky hands!) 

These are now coming home to be hung in gardens, to hopefully allow the children to see birds which are native to our environment.

In Science today, we discussed the weather and thought about all the different types that we know.

We then created a rain-catcher from an old pop bottle, and have placed it outside to observe it over the next week, to measure how much rain falls in a week in March.

We also then had a fantastic time making bubble wands and making bubbles with them in the playground, to see which direction the wind was blowing today.

For our science experiment this week we have planted a broad bean seed in a variety of different products, to monitor and see which one will help the plant to flourish the most.

We used sand, pebbles, compost and bark.

The children wrote their predictions and we will look at the plant pots next week to observe any changes. 

Today we have been busy artists!

This morning we went outside in our school grounds to really look at what a tree looked like.

We decided that trees were not a rectangle shape with a cloud on the top!

We  looked at the bark textures and where the branches came out of.

We looked at how the trees are all different sizes, shapes and colours.

Then we came back into class and painted our own trees.

Here are our masterpieces!

For our Exit Point, we all considered all the exciting things we had done during this topic, and then wrote & drew about our own

favourite task on a leaf template.

These are all up on our wall for everyone to see.

Roll up! Roll up  for our next exciting topic...The Circus is Coming to Town! 

Please find below the Big Idea & things we plan to learn about during the next 8 weeks.

For our Entry Point this morning, we all watched a promotional film for Cirque Du Soleil.

The children's faces were amazing!

We then wrote about how we felt during the performances and which acts we enjoyed the most.

For our Technology task, we had to design and then construct a Big Top! 

When considering our designs, we talked about what materials would be suitable, what shape it needed to be and also what resources were available at our homes, as the construction task was our homework. 

Once we had then constructed our own design, we tested it's success by leaving it outside overnight with a teddy inside. 

Here are some of our amazing constructions!

In Literacy this week we learned all about the history of clowns, and about the three different categories of clown.

There are Auguste Clowns, with red noses & funny hair, there are White-Faced clowns, the oldest known form of clown & then the Hobo clown, with torn baggy clothes and a sad face!

For our Art task this week, we chose our favourite type of clown and painted their face. 

For PE this week, we have been doing Circus PE!

We have been practising our balance and core strength skills, like Acrobats & Trapeze Artists do! 

Our Circus PE lesson today was all about juggling!

We had a choice of objects to throw & catch. We began practising using just one object, before moving on to trying it with two!

It was tricky but we showed great resilience and determination.

We also decided scarves or beanbags are much easier to juggle with than sponge balls! 

We then had a go with some proper juggling balls!

For our Art Task today, we looked again at our facial expressions from when we watched Cirque du Soleil during our Entry Point.

We then used watercolour paints to create self-portraits.

Can you recognise the artist by their self-portrait?

Our Exit Point for this topic had two parts.

The first part was to create our own Circus Extravaganza, to show off our circus skills!

It was lots of fun!

We hope you enjoy our show!

Part Two of the Exit Point was a little more relaxed! 

We all enjoyed watching Disney's Dumbo whilst having popcorn! 

As the sun was shining today we took the opportunity to have our Sports Day on the school field! 

We had a variety of races and although some children did not win, they all tried their absolute best 

and congratulated successful friends!

Well done Year One!

Our final topic in Year One is called Time Detectives.

Our Entry Point

Today we all became Archaeologists!

We worked in teams to carefully dig up relics.

We then examined them closely using magnifying glasses.

The final task was to document our findings in our Topic books!

We drew our important artefact, then wrote about what we thought it was, how old it might be and what materials it might be made from.

For our Knowledge Harvest, we worked in teams to try and create a historical picture using jigsaw pieces.

Some of our pieces were missing and we had to collaborate with other teams to solve the problem.

We talked about how this is how Historians put together a clear understanding of what happened in the past, working together and piecing together all the clues.

We then discussed what sources we could use to find out about things from the past.

We then discussed what sources we could use to find out about things from the past.