Big Bad Bunny story. Be Kind.

Wednesday 18th July. Phase 2 phonics. Letter C 

Maths sharing with Quaver !

Shout outs. Pictures on Nursery page.

Tuesday 13th July The Blackest hole in space. Planets.

Making a space rocket!

Monday 12th July. Space walkies story.

Oi puppies. Rhyming story 

Shout outs. Pictures on Nursery page.

Friday 9th July. Maths problem solving.

Phase 2 phonics Letter.  O.

Thursday 8th July. The man on the moon story and alien shout outs.

Wednesday 7th July. The loon on the moon story.

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Phase 2 phonics   Letter d

Phase 2 phonics.   Letter m

Phase 2 phonics......Letter n

Phase 2 phonics......... letter i

Phonics Phase 2   p

Phase two Phonics. Number 3 .........t

Phase two phonics . Number 2      a

Phase 2 Phonics  Number 1           s

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