Summer Targets

Each half term we set targets for the children in Reading, Writing and Maths.

At the end of the term we have a challenge assembly which the children enjoy immensely.

Our targets are:



To use mathematical language to explain how to solve problems.

Children will receive a mathematical problem in assembly and be asked to explain their method in solving it.


To use word lists, dictionaries and thesauruses to check the meaning of words they have read.

Children will be given some words, they will have to find them in a dictionary whilst others will have to matching their words to the correct definitions.


To perform their work aloud using intonation and volume so that the meaning is clear.

Each class to choose and film one boy and girl perform their opening to their creative piece of writing. Two final children will be chosen who will perform in to Mrs Hyams.


Spring Targets

Our targets are:



To know our multiplication tables and division facts.

In assembly today, 5 children from each class answered a total of 30 questions in 3 minutes 30 seconds.

The challenge will be to answer 30 questions in less time, ideally under 3 minutes.



To achieve 85% or more on Accelerated Reader quizzes.

The class (percentage of children) that makes the most progress collectively will win.



Based on a picture, children have been asked to write the most exciting story they can by Friday 22nd January.

Class teachers will choose 1 story which will be uploaded and children and parents will be asked to vote on the one they feel is the most

exciting through the website.