Year 6


Welcome to Y6! The adults in our class are: Miss Parkinson, Mrs Stead and Ms Keating.

Our PE days are: Wednesday and Friday

What we are learning this year:                                                                       

Brain Waves

Every day we are learning lots of new and different things – gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding that we will need to become successful adults. By finding out more about how we learn, and how we can improve our learning, we will be better equipped for meeting the many challenges ahead of us.

In this unit, we’ll be ļ¬nding out:


  • How different people learn
  • About the importance of practice when learning a skill
  • How the brain works
  • How to make connections between our learning
  • How we can share our learning with others
  • Why it is important to learn from other children and cultures around the world
  • How positive thinking can help us to succeed
  • How to look after our brain
  • How to design a school for learning


When they learn children will be:

  • Investigating
  • Thinking
  • Reflecting
  • Researching
  • Teaching
  • Observing
  • Assessing
  • Presenting


Entry Point-Making optical illusions.

Our Learning Journey 

Exit Point

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Out of Africa

First there was the big bang! Then life began on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. But when did humans arrive
and where did we come from? If we can find out the answer to these questions perhaps we can figure out
where we are heading in the future…


n Science, we’ll be finding out:
How life began in the sea then came out of the sea
How fossils provide information about living things from the past
Why the dinosaurs died out
About the classification of plants and animals
How plants and animals reproduce
How living things evolve and change over time
How plants and animals are adapted to their environment
How adaptation leads to evolution
Whether there is life on other planets

In Technology we’ll be finding out:
What foods early humans ate, grew and cooked
About prehistoric food and cooking techniques

In International, we’ll be finding out:
How superbugs evolve and spread around the world
Why we should prevent species extinction

Our Entry Point

Knowledge Harvest

Our Learning Journey

The evolution of sea creatures...

A geological timeline of earth...

The evolution of fish to land animals...