Year One

Welcome to our class page!

The adults in Year One this year are:

Miss Kerry and Miss Mattinson

Tuesday afternoons: Mrs Harris

 Our IPC Topics this year are:

  • Brainwaves
  • A to B
  • All Dressed Up
  • Treasure Island
  • People of the Past
  • I'm Alive
  • Sensational 

The topic letters for these will be posted on our web page at the start of each half term. 

British Values- Democracy

Each day we vote on which book we would to read at story time. Everyone gets their say and has a chance to share their opinion!

Spring 1: Treasure Island

Our first day back after Christmas was completely pirate-themed! In the morning we created mind-maps of everything we already know about pirates. We added pictures with labels and sentences to show as much information as we could.

We thought:

  • pirates like gold and treasure and sometimes hide it
  • pirates might have a wooden leg, an eye patch and a big hat
  • some pirates have a parrot
  • pirates say ‘arr!’
  • pirates make maps and to show where the treasure is hidden, they put a big ‘X marks the spot!’
  • pirates travel in ships

We want to know:

  • Where do pirates sleep?
  • What do pirates eat?
  • Where do pirates come from?
  • How do you become a pirate?

Entry Point

For our Entry Point we had a pirate afternoon! We dressed up as pirates, made eyepatches, treasure maps and found out our pirate names using our initials! We also watched part of the film ‘Pirates!’ and talked about what the pirates and pirate ships looked like.

Autumn 2: All Dressed Up!

During our topic 'All Dressed Up' we are being scientists and investigating different materials.

We learnt the names of different materials and their properties and which materials are man-made and which are natural. In English, we learnt the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and retold this using actions, puppets and finally in writing! 

We used iPads to make word clouds of adjectives to describe different materials.

Entry Point

We created t-shirt designs for the Autumn/Winter 2018 'Build a Bear' collection using a range of materials! We were very excited to undergo the challenge of creating something worthy of the amazing teddies! We had a few challenges including cutting the fabrics and attaching them to the t-shirt template. We had to use lots of resilience to overcome these!

R.E with Mr Roop Singh

We have had a very special visitor today . Mr Roop Singh came into our Assembly to talk to us about Sikhism. He talked to us about all of God's wonderful and varied creations, and how we are all different and this should be celebrated. He also explained to the children all about his Sikh ' uniform'. The children thoroughly enjoyed his visit. 


LGBT Families

We listened to the story of Tango, a penguin who has two daddies. We talked about our families and found out that they looked different in each house! Each of us drew a picture of my family. We talked about how some of families live in the same house as us, and some live in different houses.

Christmas in Year One!

Autumn 1: From A to B!

During our topic 'From A to B' we will be learning about different forms of transport and it's history. As part of this, we are learning abou the Rainhill Trials of 1829. The trials were a competition held to find the best locomotive engine and 5 took part. The winner was Stephenson's Rocket! We are all looking forward to seeing this engine on our upcoming visit to the National Railway Museum!

Exit Point

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came into school to help us build vehicles for our exit point! We had an amazing afternoon and the finished products were wonderful.

Pedestrian Training

This week we were taught how to cross the road using the Green Cross Code. Amber and Matt from the Leeds City Council Road Safety team taught us the important rules we need to follow when walking by, or crossing a road.


Food Technology

Year One made fruity faces using fruit and vegetables we chopped ourselves! We were shown the correct ways of holding a sharp knife and how to use it safely. We think our faces look good enough to eat!

National Railway Museum

We had an amazing day on our visit to the National Railway Museum! We took part in a workshop on the famous ‘Rocket,’ which we learnt about in class and watched a ‘Punch and Judy’ puppet show! 

Making trains

Today we built our model engines using cardboard and plastic we have brought in from home. We found attaching some of the materials together a little tricky and had to use resilience to make sure they worked.

From A to B Topic Letter

Thursday 6th September- Parents Meeting

Please see below for the letter given out at tonight's meeting.


Our first IPC topic this year is Brainwaves! We will spend the first two weeks learning about how our brain learns best and what we can do to improve our learning. Among other things we will work in teams and co-operate to make jigsaws, learn how to keep our brain healthy, test our resilience in P.E and build our growth mindset. 

During our first few weeks we have all settled in really well! We are using the provision areas in and outside our classroom to complete our Challenge Passports and expand our learning.

British Values

Each week we discuss the British Values 'Picture News' and share our thoughts.