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The adults working in Reception this year are Mrs.Blakeley and Ms Hudson.

Sunny Days - Sun cream - Please apply sun cream before school.  If your child can bring a named sun cream to school, we can let the children reapply it at lunchtime.  Please hand this to a member of staff. Sun hats/glasses - Please bring a named sunhat, we suggest these items are stored in the pump hole for easy access.

P.E - P.E is Wednesdays from now on!! Please remember to put names on everything.

School Jotter - Never miss any school information again! Download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Find out more on:

2Simple - We hope you have been enjoying viewing your child's class observations on the 2Simple reporting system.  Please remember that you are able to submit your own observations of your child and we would love to see more from home over the coming holiday! Thank you to all those parents who are currently using this system. 

Sparkle the Snail  - Sparkle has really enjoyed her weekend and holiday trips to your homes! If there is anyone who hasn't taken Sparkle home yet and would like to, please add your name to the list inside the cloakroom.  Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in having Sparkle come to stay over the summer holiday.  We have now chosen a name 'from the hat'.

Reading Day - Please note that as we are now in the last few weeks of Reception Class and we are busy with 'transition' days, it may be that reading/change of reading book will take place on a day other than Wednesday.  It would be helpful if your child has their reading book and record in their school bag everyday. Thank you.

Library Day - Will usually be Wednesday until the end of term. Again, if you could ensure that library books are in your child's bag daily  this would be most helpful.

Last two weeks - Week 9th - 13th July

 On Monday we enjoyed our last sunny afternoon in the wildlife garden together.  We were excavators! We used stones and sticks to dig things out of the hard sun-baked ground.

In PSHCE this week we all really enjoyed sharing our homework sheets about our favourite memories of reception. It was lovely to see them all and we noted how many had described 'making new friends' as part of their favourite memories.

 Week 16th - 20th July

We have had a super last week, lots of certificates and assemblies and we even had a sunny treat on the field when the ice cream van came for a visit!  The children are really ready for Year one now and are looking forward to starting in September. We hope you all enjoy a lovely summer holiday.

Week 2nd - 6th July

This week we have been learning about addition in Maths.  We have had lots of fun adding two groups together and writing our number sentences.

In Cooking we learned to whisk! It was a bit tricky but we got the hang of it because we were so good at 'keep on trying'.

In PE we have used lots of different hoops to do our exercises.  We rolled them, travelled around with them, jumped in and out of them and threw bean bags into them!

On Wednesday we enjoyed another transition class swap into year 1.  

Week 25th - 29th June

 What a very exciting and sunny week we have had! This week has been all about 'changes' and as part of this we have had the opportunity to explore our new Year 1 classroom and meet our new teacher Miss.Kerry.  We were all very happy and excited and loved joining in with the morning break time in KS1.

In R.E. this week we learnt about the Jewish faith and how they celebrate Fridays as Shabbat.  We made our own Torah scrolls! 

We have also been busy writing our own stories and Mrs.Blakeley has 'published' them for us (typed up and displayed on our wall  :)).

Week 18th - 20th June

 Monday was our sports day! Thank you to all those who came along to support the children.  We all had a fun morning, everyone ran as fast as the wind (which helped to blow us even faster down the tracks!)  

In Maths this week we are learning about time. We have all been busy with our clocks learning o'clock and 'half past'.

We have also harvested our potatoes! We had lots of fun digging around in the soil finding each potato! Then on Tue we helped to make a potato salad with some fresh chives and enjoyed sharing it with everyone in class. 

You will have noticed that everyone brought home their bean stalks this week. You could try planting it in the garden, tied to a stick for support. Hopefully, with a little care, it will flower and grow into beans. 

Week 11th - 13th June

This week we have gone fishing! We have been looking at the book 'Commotion in the Ocean' and been inspired to make our own fish tanks! Some of our super writing this week was about sea creatures. We also drew a real fish. Some of us looked so carefully and drew the scales, the fins and the bones inside.

In Maths we set up a pet shop selling all things fishy and we have just started to buy items from the shop using the correct coins.

In baking we enjoyed mixing currant buns to share with the class.

In PE we practiced our races for sports day which is next week - all welcome! 

Week 4th - 6th June

A quick update this week, as our PE day has now changed to Wednesdays. 

We have been inspired by the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!

On Monday we all got busy making leaves in the wildlife garden and then we made a HUGE beanstalk in the classroom with the leaves! On Tuesday we needed a giant. So we drew around Mrs.Hudson and coloured it in! We also did some spreading on crackers for our snack. On Wednesday we all got busy doing some independent writing about Jack and the Beanstalk as well as planting our own 'magic beans'.

In maths this week we are concentrating on directions! We are all getting very good at identifying 'forwards''backward' 'left' and 'right'! 

Week 21st - 25th May

 In cooking this week we enjoyed 'spreading' different things on crackers! We had butter, soft cheese and jam. We all loved snack time!

We have been looking at 100 squares at group time, then challenged ourselves to put a 100 square 'jigsaw' back together.  Some of us had a go at drawing our own 100 squares!

We have all been busy writing sentences.  Our phonic challenge this week was to write a list of items that we might take on holiday! We were impressed with the very sensible suggestions (we think they could pack their own bags!) and there was also cake (essential), a jacuzzi and clips for mummy's hair!

Week 13th - 18th May

This week in maths we have been learning all about capacity and have had lots of fun making and measuring at the potions table!  We have then written a list of ingredients for our potions! Also in literacy, we have been very busy making our own story maps and have told some amazing stories!

We have learnt a new game called 'Funny Bones' and have been working with a partner and taking turns to have lots of fun playing it.

In RE this week we talked about 'things that we are thankful for' and made a lovely 'tree' display in the cloakroom - be sure to have a look!

On Friday we all came to school dressed in red, white and blue, in celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on Saturday the 19th May! See us waving our flags below!


Week 8th - 11th May

Only four sunny days at school this week but we have been busy learning in PSHCE about friendships.  See our 'web of friendship' in the photo below!

We have also really enjoyed listening to the story of 'Daddy Lost His Head!' and we have made our own 'dad heads' from various materials!

We have been taking turns to play in our 'toy shop' and learning to use the right amount of coins to buy things.

Week 30th April - 4th May

 We enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the wildlife garden this week, where there was lots of imaginative play with wands and lots of small creatures out and about!

In class we have been looking at knights and castles, and have enjoyed making up stories and building our own castles. 

We have challenged ourselves with problems in maths involving juice cartons!

In PE on Friday with Mr.Wynn we all enjoyed practising our ball skills!

Week 23rd - 27th April

It was St.Georges day on Monday, and we all loved making our own English Flag to wave. 

On our visit to the wildlife garden this week we all did observational drawings of things that we could see.  You can see our beautiful artwork in the classroom cloakroom.

We have been so busy planting this week! Outside we planted potatoes, beans and lettuce.  Inside we all got busy making 'Monster Cress Heads'!  Now we all know lots about how seeds grow!

We are getting more confident at our woodwork bench and are enjoying making wooden models!

Week 16th - 20th April

 This week we have had lots of fun acting out the story of Rapunzel in class.  We have also used role play and been drawing pictures and writing all about the story! 

In number work we have been busy using numbers up to 20, adding, subtracting and counting in two's.


Week 19th - 23rd March

This week in maths we have been busy building, counting, writing, jumping and painting using numbers to ten. We have shown number bonds to ten and multiples of ten too. 

We also learnt about the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday. We made our own palm crosses and did our best writing to remember the story.

Week 12th - 16th March

We have had an exciting week at school;

On Wednesday as part of our science week we had a full day doing experiments and looking at changes!  We MELTED chocolate to make krispy buns, we used water and felt tips to DIFFUSE colour on paper and took part in other exciting activities around the early years unit.

Then on Thursday we had World Book Day and all came to school in our fantastic 'book' T-shirts! We all got a special gold house point for our wonderful designs and got chance to show everyone our hard work in a special assembly. 

Week 5th - 9th March

We have started exploring our new topic of dinosaurs! We have measured and drawn full dinosaurs in the playground and dinosaur feet in the classroom!  We also made dinosaur sandwiches in cooking!

We really enjoyed our time at the wildlife garden on Monday, making homes for our dinosaurs and enjoying a warm drink of hot chocolate or juice.

 It has been very snowy this week and we have had a few days at home enjoying the snow!

Week 22nd to 28th February

We have been busy preparing for our class assembly by making props and paintings for our superhero characters, and learning a new song!

After a very snowy start to the day we all managed to do our best and really enjoyed showing everyone what we have been doing this half term.

In class we have been postmen and postwomen, and have really enjoyed using our new post office area!  We also had our first visit to the wildlife garden where we enjoyed the 'mud slide', building fairy dens and creating our own river!

Week 19th-21st February

This week in maths we have all been looking at number bonds to 10 and working out our own number sentences.

We have been doing lots of activities about the Chinese New Year.  We made 'good luck' envelopes with a secret surprise, we also painted some Chinese writing meaning 'good luck', 'peace' and 'love'.  Most exciting was our Chinese restaurant, when on cooking day it came to life with fresh noodles, vegetables and rice crackers to taste!

Week 1st - 7th February

This week in maths we have been busy looking at repeating patterns.

We enjoyed our weekly trip to the school library to choose a new library book.

In our cooking session on Tuesday we made chocolate chip cookies, which were popular with children and staff alike, and made the school smell nice!!


Week 25th - 31st January

This week we have been looking at symmetry in maths.  We made paper pizzas, paintings and copied half of our faces to show symmetry.

In PE we have been training to be superheroes!  We used lots of special moves just like our favourite superheros!

We made sandwiches and learnt to 'spread' lots of ingredients.  Then we shared them with our friends! Yum!

We participated in 'Art Week', our focus was the work of a British artist called Bridgette Riley.  We all produced a piece of artwork which was then transferred into a collective work of art as shown in the photograph below.  Can you guess which animal it is?

Week 15th - 19th January

We have been so busy this week in reception! In maths we have been matching the correct number of objects to numbers.  In cooking we enjoyed making some 'angel delight' and sharing it with our friends in our cafe!

Also this week we have had lots of snow to explore outside!  We discovered that when we throw snow in a puddle it melts!

Happy New Year!

We have been very busy since we returned to school after our Christmas holiday! Here are some pictures of the things we have enjoyed!

In maths we have been creating our own number lines and estimating. 

We have also been scientists, investigating strange smells for our phonics challenge!

We all love sharing books with our friends and have been doing our best writing!


We have started our new topic of Magic and some of us have been making magic wands and creating potions in the potion lab!


We absolutely love to play outside here in Reception, so we decided to plant some flowers in our spare tyres. We thought it would be nice to watch them grow alongside us. We even managed to pick some potatoes!

Black History Month

We have looked at Bob Marley as part of Black History Month. We listened to reggae music and even learnt how to do reggae dancing! We went on to make African drums and played them to the beat of the songs. We also painted Jamaican flags. Look at how amazing our work is!

Marvellous Me

As part of our topic, we learnt about looking after ourselves - particularly our teeth! We were visited by Mr O'Donovan, a mobile dentist, who let us look inside his van and told us about the importance of looking after our teeth. Following this, a dentist was created in our classroom, which we have loved playing in. 


We have settled into Reception nicely and new friendships are starting to blossom!

Please see our plans for this term below...


We change our reading books on Wednesdays and our library books on Thursdays. Please ensure you read these 3 times a week and add comments to your child's reading record.




Click here to play 'Buried Treasure' and 'Dragons Den' at home - both excellent games for practising the blending of sounds!