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We are looking forward to working with you all this year in Nursery.

Our staff are-

 Janet Blakeley- Early Years leader and Nursery Teacher.

Jennie O'Leary - Full time Nursery Teaching Assistant.

Tina Flannigan and Louise Nichol- Part Time Teaching assistants.

Faye Wilde- Part time Teaching assistant.

Mrs Evans - Volunteer.

Miss Milnes who is a PGCE teaching student on the SCITT course.


Monday 10th Sept.

All our existing Nursery children have been keen and eager to return to Nursery. We have made a few changes and introduced everyone to our pet snail. It is called Sparkle and if anyone would like to volunteer to snail sit on a weekend for us we would be very grateful.

 It is very easy to look after and comes with instructions! He/ she loves cucumber and likes to have its shell gently brushed with a toothbrush.

We are gradually welcoming more and more lovely new children who are settling very well and are enjoying our new construction area and the mud kitchen!

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