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We have welcomed lots of lovely children to our nursery.  We have already made lots of pictures, played outside, made new friends and enjoyed baking some current buns.  So far this half-term we have been learning "Five Little Monkeys" and "Five Currant Buns," taking turns to be a monkey or a currant bun!

We had a Maths workshop on Wednesday.  Lots of parents came to see what we do in Early Years and completed some family challenges!


We made owls on toast.  They were yummy!

We love doing P.E. on Friday mornings.  Here we are having fun on an obstacle course

We were inspired when the photographer came to take our photos so we created our own photography studio and took photos of each other

October was Black History month.  We chose to learn about Usain Bolt.  He needs healthy food to help him run very fast!  Then we had our own races and presented a gold medal to our winner

Hallowe'en party time! 

Spring Term

We all had a wonderful Christmas and came back to Nursery fully refreshed.  We have welcomed 16 new children who are settling in well.

So far this term, we have really enjoyed making Angel Delight.  We all had a turn whisking it up and then we all got to taste some.  Yummy!

This week we have been learning all about dinosaurs!  We have enjoyed lots of dinosaur stories, colouring dinosaur pictures and finding dinosaur bones in the sand.  Mrs Sunderland was very impressed with our fantastic dinosaur knowledge!

We have had a very busy few weeks in Nursery and didn't let the snow stop us having lots of fun. We did lots of hard work on some traditional tales, including The Three Little Pigs & The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We painted characters, acted the stories out & learned some fantastic songs.  We then had an amazing assembly where the children showcased all the fantastic things they have achieved. 

On Wednesday 14th March the Early Years Unit celebrated Science Day. The theme was CHANGES and we took part in lots of different experiments and observed as tissue paper absorbed colour, water changed colour, pirate coins were uncovered and dirty pennies became shiny & new again. We were super scientists offering our predictions & comments on what we could see happening.

Finally, on 15th March, Nursery celebrated World Book Day. After 2 cancellations due to snow, it was fantastic to see the effort everyone made to create their World Book Day t-shirts. Thank you to all parents & grandparents who helped the children. We looked at lots of different books & discussed what we liked about our favourite stories & who read them to us. We had a lovely day. 

We love to play out in all weathers at Nursery, and it was lovely to see all these children enjoying the Mud Kitchen this week.

Summer Term 1 Topics


Last week, during our 'Jack & The Beanstalk' week, we all had the opportunity to plant a 'magic' bean. We have watered them & we are now watching them closely to see how tall they grow. Some have already started sprouting this week. The children are optimistic they will .."grow up to the clouds!" Let's wait and see! 




On Friday mornings, we are enjoying PE with Mr Wynne in the hall. We are learning gymnastics and have already learned some gymnastic positions such as tuck & straddle.

We are also working hard on different balance techniques.

On Wednesday 20th June we all enjoyed a very busy Sports Day. We did a variety of activities including an obstacle course, some super Tumble Tots dancing and a crawling race! We also all had lots of fun playing some parachute games too! 

Our new topic is People Who Help Us. This week we have all enjoyed being Police Officers.

We have been very busy completing surveys in Maths-looking closely at our friends. We have been investigating hair colour, eye colour, clothing and age. 

We have printed our own fingerprints and then examined them with magnifying glasses.

Of course, there was a lot of role play involving 'baddies' such as the Rainbow Robber & the Circle Stealer! (Characters created by the children!) 

We also had a special visitor. 

The children enjoyed asking PC Sunderland about his role and had lots of lovely questions and personal experiences to share with him.

He explained about some of the equipment and uniform he uses. The children got the opportunity to try these on or examine these closer. The handcuffs were very popular, and the adults decided 'smackerwhacker' (Name offered by a child!)was a much better word for a baton than its real name!